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60 tons of porcelain kiln unearthed in guangxi custom sublimation ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Guangxi guilin eternal blessing custom sublimation ceramic mug county kiln TianLing kiln site recently efferent song dynasty archaeological discovery: after 1975 for the first time to explore, to clear out the kiln for four seat kiln bed and archaeological team this year in guangxi in archaeology TianLing present village kiln kiln kilns and tower feet kilns launchs large-scale under archaeological excavation, sectors-connecting clean out nine seats preservation good song dynasty bank kiln, four Ming and qing dynasties gourd shape kiln. Among them, the first found a place kilns workshop remains unearthed large porcelain products total weight, close to 60 tons. Ending nov. 11, this calendar excavations by 10 months, to explore an area of 8,000 square meters, actulaay guangxi calendar year ceramic archaeological excavations area most.

Bank kiln of the excavation site, then confirm the high temperature burn porcelain trace also keeping. As long as along the edge of the bed, near the furnace view of mud brick wood mouth cast will see, some approximate transparent crystal block, this is a high-temperature cooking kiln room dripping called sweat and form.

According to sort out these unearthed the kiln traces the kiln, imagine not hard in the bank kiln group of concentrated distribution scale, kiln busy work spectacle. In addition, the cultural relic workers in a bank kiln site slope excavation, also to clear out the four seat is different from the song dynasty period of gourd shape kiln, these four seat kiln used in Ming and qing dynasties, the edge are also found in abundance kiln ash pits. For the study of Chinese ceramics history provides valuable research data.
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