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ceramic coffee mug cup,tea cup What is meant by the color is not correct

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ceramic coffee mug cup,tea cup

Color refers to a color shading errors or due to uneven underfire and produce bright phenomenon. The main causes are:

(1) the use of paper flowers have weathered metamorphic;

(2) decorating with high sulfur fuels;

(3) DECORATED improper temperature too high or too low;

(4) kiln smoke leakage;

Improper or thin dense discomfort (5) decorating kiln loading method;

(6) decorating kiln moisture too.

Also, pay attention to the difference between the color of different colors dirty and sticky. Mainly refers to the color of dirty sticky glaze or underglaze variegated, or paint stencilled to the site should not have color. The main color is the color grilled sticky process, the product color glazed surface in contact with other products and stick a colored stain. The main causes are roasted process color products due to improper placement position.
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