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OLIP ceramic mugs cups drinkware Lead-free paint formulations exemplify

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OLIP custom ceramic mug cups drinkware
Bismuth and lead a similar nature, in recent years, producers or low melting bismuth oxide instead of lead, developed a variety of lead-free paint. To give a few examples, for future reference.

(1) yellow pigment formulations unleaded

Bismuth nitrate 38.4%

Borax 7.8%

2 3.0% boric acid

Quartz 10.6%

Iron 2.9%

Antimony oxide 5.7%

Zinc oxide 3.8%

7.6% potassium nitrate

Description: The above formulation of the raw materials were sifted through a 120 mesh sieve, accurately weighed, homogeneously mixed, into the red-hot (about 1100) crucible heating was continued, after quenching into water until completely melted frit and dried. With frit: Ball Stone: Alcohol = 10: 19: 5.5 ratio of grinding in a ball mill in 120 h, dried and over 180 mesh sieve become yellow pigment finished loading bowl and set aside.
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