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colored glazed ceramic eco-friendly cups mugs

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colored glazed ceramic eco-friendly mugs

Underglaze porcelain with non-toxic, acid, alkali, wear resistance, never fade characteristics. The pigment properties and is characterized by two factors of the firing process. The pigments are based glaze colors with various metal oxides or salts thereof as the colorant, made of a quantity of silicate blended feedstock. This pigment did not need to use low-temperature glaze paint solvent binder material leaving the color fixation on the products. This aspect is the high-temperature firing process, the melt color compound melted glaze and adhere to each other; other hand, because the color material is covered by a glaze layer. Thus lead poisoning and other health hazards of toxic substance not only exist, but also due to the protective effect of the glaze layer, making porcelain naturally resistant to acid erosion, increase the capacity of resistance to wear.

Polychrome underglaze decoration brilliant and impressive, light and God, appropriate color. This is a unique polychrome underglaze color effects. With the objective requirements and different shape, decoration needs, it can elegant crisp, simple and deep can also draw colorful patterns, the performance of a variety of color effects, both magnificent, yet elegant, wiping thick makeup, all affordable.

Underglaze color screen smooth and shining, glistening and moist, crisp and elegant, with a full sense of the water. This abound decorative effect, in addition to color package skills, but also the role of the glaze layer. Covering the ornamentation of the glaze layer, after the adoption of high-temperature firing into a layer of glassy film. Because of this thin layer has a shiny, smooth, transparent features colorful images will be able to pass it and revealed. So smooth and flat patterns, jade generally moist and radiance.
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