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Custom Double wall ceramic mugs cups from china factory

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double wall ceramic mug cups "I'm not paper cup"

According to some reports in the literature at home and abroad, a variety of fast firing kiln common features are as follows:

(1) into the kiln product moisture content is relatively low, below 1%. This makes it possible to improve the kiln temperature, speed up the heating rate, shorten the process of exclusion of mechanical water.

(2) products into a single piece or a few pieces of the kiln, so you can make the products more comprehensive, fully heated, greatly improving the heat transfer rate.

(3) cancel sagger, the implementation of bare, the heat transfer approach to simplify and improve the heat transfer rate.

(4) the kiln is generally shorter than the cross-section is also smaller.

(5) the use of advanced lightweight refractory masonry kilns, kiln can be made so thin, in order to reduce the volume of regenerative kiln losses.

(6) with a roller hearth, push plates, cushions, etc. instead of kiln car, kiln car savings reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

(7) The use of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light diesel fuel or other high-quality energy and improve the flame temperature and the inner wall of the kiln temperature, increasing the radiation heat transfer coefficient, in order to achieve rapid heating purposes.

(8) the use of high-speed isothermal nozzle, increasing the flow rate of flue gas, to reduce the kiln temperature, improving heat transfer efficiency.

(9) to achieve the temperature, atmosphere, pressure automatic control.

(10) the firing cycle is relatively short, from tens of minutes to several hours.
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