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Ceramic Double wall eco-friendly cups mugs, drinkware How to prevent mold and cracking

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Ceramic Double wall eco-friendly ceramic coffee mugs with logo, drinkware

(1) Reason:
mud compound free quartz excessive, rapid heating and cooling during firing, especially when several morphological transformation of quartz, rapid heating and cooling are cracking, more particularly thick tire products thus.
less sticky mud, banal enough, kneading uneven.
dry too quickly, especially in the thick of the mold and the surface to harden due to internal moisture leaving the mold and bursting blocked.
thick blank firing temperature too fast, especially heated to between 200 ~ 800 , the most prone to cracking.

(2) measures to overcome:
extend mud stale time and improve the quality of mud kneading.
appropriate adjustments material side, reducing quartz content, increase the oxygen content of lead.
The slow roasting and cooling system, with particular attention to the speed of the cooling and heating of 75 0 ~ 200and 800 ~ 400 can not be too fast.
porcelain drying rate should be uniform, can not make products uneven heating.
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