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parenting family Ceramic mug Porcelain blanks in the firing process to go through several stages

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Blank firing process, based on the physical and chemical changes in the temperature and blank inside, and can be divided into four stages:

1. The low-temperature phase, the main changes: A reduced weight, increased B porosity. The main role: Exclude embryo residual moisture. Temperature: room temperature --300 degrees oxidizing atmosphere.

2. mesophilic stage, the main changes: A structured water is excluded, oxide B organic, inorganic, and carbon or the like, C carbonates, sulfides decomposition, D iron oxide compounds, E crystal transition..... Main functions: decomposition and oxidation. Temperature: 300-950 C, an oxidizing atmosphere.

3. The high temperature phase (post-fire insulation is high), the main changes:. A oxidative decomposition reaction continues, B form a liquid phase, dissolved solids, C crystallization and the formation of new crystal growth, D molten iron glaze... high body carried reduction reaction E. iron. Main functions: glass into porcelain, temperature: 950 --- firing temperature, and up to the firing temperature, to remain for some time, at this stage, the north is generally oxidized by the strong reduction of the South into a weak reduction.

4. The cooling phase, the liquid crystalline main changes A., B. Supercooled liquid solidification, C. Crystal transition. The main functions: to cool. Temperature: room temperature sintering temperature
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