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porcelain coffee cup mug What is new ceramic heat rise

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porcelain coffee cup mug
New ceramic in Japan called fine ceramics, in the United States known as the modern ceramics, country called special ceramics. According to its performance and process support points. And in order to make it with the concept of the difference between the traditional ceramic open, despite its wide range, it is generally referred to as the new ceramic systems, modern high-tech ceramic or ceramic.

New ceramic was developed on the basis of traditional ceramics. But far beyond the scope of traditional ceramics. Basically traditional ceramic clay and other natural silicate minerals as raw material sintered body. The new ceramic is a highly selected raw materials, according to a specially designed manufacturing process, a ceramic chemical composition and excellent properties can be precisely controlled. It is because of the new ceramic raw materials, process, product structure and form after special treatment, making new ceramic only achieve higher requirements in terms of heat resistance, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic characteristics, but also in toughness, plasticity, abrasion resistance and other aspects have a significant improvement.

Use based on performance, the new structure is generally divided into ceramics and functional ceramics. Structure refers to the structure of ceramic material silicon nitride, silicon carbide, high intensity; functional ceramics ceramic material refers to electrical, magnetic, optical, chemical, biological and other functions. This also can be seen, the new ceramic occupy a very special place in materials science.

Although the metal material or organic polymer materials in material technology in the development process has an important role, but these materials have done a lot of research, design materials required are also a lot of information; and the development of new ceramic history is relatively short, can not match the breadth and depth of metallic materials, has not yet formed a wide range of commodity markets. However, the new ceramic only existing research is enough to explain: it is more than metal materials, organic polymer materials have more practical value of the function. In the high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, a series of performance, high strength, electrical conductivity, magnetic, biological adaptability unmatched by other materials. Especially in recent years, scientists With the toughening mechanism, made useful progress in improving the toughness of ceramics on the performance of the new type of ceramic excel.

On the other hand, from a resource perspective, the main raw material for the new ceramic oxide (Al2O3, SiO2, MgO), nitride (Si3N4, AlN, BN) carbide (SiC, B4C, WC, Li2C2, borides (ZrB2, TiB2 , LaB6) and other resources on earth is rich, and easy to get special is the world's dwindling oil resources, the energy crisis spread to the pillar industries in developed countries such as the US transportation sector. - consume petroleum oil accounting for the total amount of general 60% of the amount. Therefore, it has long been looking for a high power, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, light weight, small size, low cost and durable new engine. with new ceramic materials manufactured engine, is in the past 10 years one of the most important research in this field, according to data indicate: Ceramic engine operating temperature can be increased from 1000 �� to 1300 ��, without cooling system, so that the loss of the original engine cooling system energy into power, thus the engine's thermal efficiency increased from 30% to about 50%, 20% weight reduction, fuel savings of 30 to 50%, you can also use alternative fuels. Ford's experts have estimated that if the entire US auto ceramic engine, save 500 million barrels of oil, according to the current price is equivalent to $ 18 billion. If the car all over the world to spend a ceramic engine, then human use of non-renewable energy sources of oil such time will be greatly extended, which will face the world together injection lifeline energy crisis. in addition, the field of strategic materials titanium, cobalt, nickel, and rely superalloys currently used will be reduced to about 5% of the total.

This is why countries set off a wave of "ceramic hot" - an important reason for the development and research of new ceramic popular in Japan, the United States, West Germany and other countries.
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