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Christmas tree ceramic mug cup drinkware What is the operating point electrostatic collection

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Christmas  ceramic mugs cup tree drinkware
Electrostatic collection is the use of high voltage DC electric field, so that the dust and gas of charged dust deposition method. Ceramic raw materials often use this method to remove dust. This operating point is: to set up a metal pipe in the center of the wire lifting will pipe and wire respectively to the positive and negative high voltage DC power supply, the lead pipe and space will have a non-uniform electric field. When the voltage rises to a certain degree, the electric field strength near the wiring can induce a large amount of gas ions. The farther away from the wire area, the electric field strength is not to make the gas ionization. Dusty gas passes through the electrode space, where dust and bring it into contact with the ion charge, also followed the movement of the electrode tube, pipe electrodes deposited on the table and, therefore, also known as the collecting electrode tube electrode or precipitation electrode . Q intermittently rapping the collecting electrode, can be deposited in shaking off the dust on it to achieve the purpose of collecting.
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