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Exclusive ceramic gift drink up ceramic premium mug cups

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Exclusive ceramic gift drink up ceramic premium mug cups

Chinese ancient kilns boutique after another, and in such a long period of time, due to age or interests in the pursuit of fashion, there are many imitation works. For example, set the Song, Yu, officer, brother, all five famous kilns, kiln at the time had imitated elsewhere, although VCDs and DVDs of the points, but also popular in the world. As for the Yuan, Ming and Qing, imitation porcelain wind is increasing. It can be said to have made thousands of years antique porcelain is almost everywhere. Even careless on error-prone. How to identify a variety of porcelain, there is rectifiable essentials. Identification of ancient porcelain, mainly from the inscription, shape, decoration and glaze characteristics start, is described separately below it.

According to the inscription, and to determine the authenticity of old porcelain, is working to identify important aspect. Handed down today and imitation goods in the Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain majority, while the Ming and Qing dynasties, almost all model year and features. Such as the Ming Dynasty inscription have so-called "little Paradise money, more money Xuande, Chenghua paragraph fertilizer, Koji shall show, Masanori Christine paragraph, paragraph Jiajing miscellaneous" category of the argument. Therefore, when we identify the authenticity of porcelain, the first paragraph should be noted that knowledge, attention to the inscription of strokes, such as horizontal, vertical, left, flick, hook, pick, point and other features. Because each person's calligraphy, writing kiln models must also select a font, a certain level, and thus are bound to carefully imitate imitation, fear has no place like. And too cautious, inevitably lost in the cramped, brushwork and vivid nature is not easy. Such flaws, provide clues for identification porcelain.

But only far enough attention to this point, and no formal Yuan Dynasty porcelain kiln previous model year. Although according to the literature, the Northern Song Dynasty had with "Jing model year," the word of porcelain, but no kind. Although the Ming and Qing dynasties inscription, but the font is very realistic imitation of the late Qing Dynasty, it is difficult to identify, have a detailed comparison of the font and position, and avoid errors. Paradise as the existing physical model year, only four-character seal shall write, engraved or printed on Park Lane in the center portion. And there are four words or sixth imitations Kai, Seal paragraph written in Lane or bottom foot and mouth edges. Year Xuande between so-called "Xuande models over the body of" saying more common or garden center at the bottom of the foot is in the heart and the mouth, or cut the mouth, shoulders, waist, foot area. And so on, there are still some laws. Generally speaking, they are as follows:

Ming Dynasty font multi kaishu, but Yongle, Xuande, Hongzhi with a few exceptions, the Qing Junji, Kangxi two regular script is also prevalent in the DPRK, the kaishu than Seal Yongzheng models, models Seal Qianlong period, better than kaishu, Jiaqing Seal later became mainstream models, until the late Qing Dynasty was restored to kaishu main trend.

Second color models are different. Ming and Qing porcelain blue and white dominated the inscription more. Ming Dynasty blue and white color models if observed with a magnifying glass, showing its colors are mostly deep sink. The dynasty after Imitation San Huan mostly blue, pale floating. Xuande style swatch often presents black, blue, gray and other colors on the same objects, which, though not beautiful, but it is difficult to imitate the characteristics of future generations. Increase since the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty Masanori many color models, red, green, black, blue, purple, gold and other colors, and also used the engraving, carving, printing, and other methods heap. However, in imitation of color models and carved, carving, printing method also will have a lot of increase, only serious distinction, combined with different materials and techniques, it may generally judge the merits of its era authenticity and porcelain. For example, "Kang" character Kangxi Qing spend more money with half water (water) or Kai water (water), rarely written Taishui (water).

In terms of words and writing as well as the number of words there are certain rules to follow. For example, some questions Guan Ming Dynasty XX years, made some certain questions, and Qing Imperial has not and will both use the "system", has not been found useful "made" the word. Others such as Xuande "De" heart did not write a word cross, Chenghua of "a" word has called "a nod to the word shoulder back" feature, Wanli's "million" word sheep prefix and prefix Cottage different, and write "Kangxi Emperor," the word porcelain models for more than 90% of the new system was fine and so on, which are identified in the work place is worth noting.
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