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Red glazed solid stoneware mug cup drinkware How to determine the area of the fire hole suck

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Red glazed solid stoneware mug cup drinkware sublimation ceramic mugs

Size and distribution of fire-hole area of the suction uniform temperature furnace and kiln operations in the horizontal direction has a direct impact. Fire suction hole area is too large, the kiln is not easy to keep the fire, fuel consumption and more difficult to control the firing operation, coaling less than normal, the kiln temperature will come down immediately, when coaling ones, kiln temperature rise rapidly again, causing large kiln temperature fluctuations. If the suction hole fire area is too small, easy to smoke, kiln temperature is difficult, difficult to operate.

In general, smoking fire-hole total area of about 3.5-7% of the bottom area of the kiln. Large volume of the kiln, smoking fire-hole total area can use lower, upper volume of the small proportion of the ratio of choice. Each suction fire holes having a diameter of 60 ~ 100mm. Firebox baffle wall near the site of the fire suction hole can be distributed less, kiln door near where the fire hole distribution can suck more.
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