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Porcelain History: Past and Present of ceramic ceramic mugs

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It is people like to send the cup to relatives,ceramic mug friends and clients. In addition to very practical cup than there are even more special significance. Cup homonym is "life", a cup means a lifetime.ceramic mugs Cups are household utensils, since ancient times and its main functions are to drink or tea. The basic type is mostly a straight port or exposure to high rim diameter and cup almost equal. There are flat, circular foot or pupil. Archaeological data indicate that beginning in the earliest Neolithic cup. Whether Yangshao, Longshan culture or cultural sites are Hemudu see the presence of ceramic cups. During this period the most peculiar cup diverse: with ear cups have one or both ears; with multi-tapered foot, three-legged cup, goblet-shaped cup, high handle cups, etc., in various forms, it is amazing .
Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty appeared primitive celadon cups, which next to the oval of the Han Dynasty, pale belly, long have flat ear cups along the most representative. Sui Cup mostly straight mouth, glazed cake at the end of a small cup. Three-color glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty tread pattern pottery cups and cups of the most distinctive, was also popular dish with a combination of a few small cups of drinkware sets. Cup Song and more straight mouth, shallow belly, ring foot or pupil, high plantar for horn. Song cup glaze and more to win, such as Longquan kilns and officer, brother, Ru, were each kiln. Cizhou underglaze decorated in black color which is quite distinctive. Yuan Cup Fetus thick, often printed with a small cup of heart flowers for decoration, Ming and Qing Dynasties its most exquisite cup, its tires thin, its glaze and moist, its color is gorgeous, its type and diverse. The famous Ming Dynasty Yongle pressure hand cups, Chenghua bucket color pupil cup, cup chicken-cylinder, common in the early pupil cup. Qing Dynasty Cup and more straight mouth, deep belly, the belly or without handles, as well as a covered or uncovered, respectively, decorative techniques varied, there are blue and white, colorful, pastels and a variety of monochrome. Porcelain cup, tea utensils. The basic type of exposure small enough, oblique straight wall, small jobs are generally more than blackjack. According to archaeological proof or documentation, porcelain lamp has been produced in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the kind seen in the shape of a straight Straight abdominal wall, pie flat foot, Shi glazed, open grain crushing tablets. Northern and Southern Dynasties wind tea became popular. Tea cup in the Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties to the South and the North Xing Yue most prestigious. Tang tea cup known as "Ou" Lu Yu "tea", said: "The Ouyue states, lips not volume, volume and shallow end by half a liter of it," Yue light shows the approximate shape. Yue multi-lamp with a lamp holder, whose care is often designed as a lotus leaf curled, tea cup on the tray-like petals, quite delicate and moving. Yue Taizhi light and delicate, uniform glaze, green glaze was Lu Yu called the top grade is granted. Xing lamp with "white as snow" and famous, and "the world is without reason and common of the" shows its popularity. Tang Shinan North tea cup are open, straight oblique abdominal wall, a bottom wall jade foot is a common type.
Song Cha Doo wind Sheng, easy to observe because of the white tea Mo's sake, it is particularly advocating Yonghe build kilns and kiln black glaze lamp. Even Emperor Huizong Zhao Ji is no exception. In his "Treatise on Tea" in bluntly: "light color of your Qinghei, jade cents be reached by the upper." Jade cents of the light that is commonly known as rabbit hair light, produced in Fujian Jianyang kilns. Song lamp type are basically two: a small shallow ring foot, abdominal oblique arc, straight rim; the other is write-mouth, such as speakers, small shallow ring foot, abdominal oblique straight. Some with gilt decoration, book the words "Shoushan Fuhai." In addition to built kiln, kiln, Ge, Ding, Jun, Longquan kilns, Jizhou kiln firing Song are common tea cup.
Yuan black glaze tea cup relatively less common green glaze products. Yuan tea cup and more straight mouth, the carcass is more heavy. Ming Dynasty Xuande glaze to make the most beautiful light. Chenghua, Jiajing blue and white lights followed. Light in the early Ming Dynasty more than a small fold along, deep abdominal, advanced ring foot. Advanced multiple small write-mouth, deep belly, the wide and narrow, shallow ring foot, multi-painted blue and white pattern on the decorative glaze, some bucket color, colorful and monochrome decor. Qing tea cup of shapes, decorative techniques, production processes are better than the former, which pastels and enamel painting decorative small lamp is exquisite. The basic shapes of open, curved abdominal wall, Quanzu previous high, large, deep, post relatively low, small, light, all repair system regular. The history of the cups, the two compared, cups generation earlier, cup after cup much to drink, lights and more for tea, cup-shaped device is small, light in the shape larger cup feet tall , lights and more Quanzu cup decoration simple, light decoration complicated. Through the evolution of cups, tea and wine culture of the Chinese nation can glimpse the profound enlightenment.
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