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hand-drawing ceramic mugs cups How to draw a bird

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(1) Method painted flowers

There woody flowers, vines, herbaceous the other, the majority of them are inseparable from the growth structure of flowers, leaves, branches and several major components, so long as they can understand each local painting, painted for how its overall also relatively clear.

painting flower flower variety, sizes, and shapes; but if the color to distinguish, can be divided into dark flowers, light-colored flowers and white flower categories. Like red, blue, black, purple, and in such a dark toned flowers to ink line outlines, as well, then the watershed divide light and dark coloring method, not only the petals have a gradation change after firing, and because of the blank lines effect, but also make clear flap and flap, flowers hearty chic. On the contrary if the light yellow, light green flowers such, it is best to use the color line outlines, in order to outline a clear, eye-catching petal pattern; if the thread color flowers with ink as contour lines, it is easy to make flowers blur. Of course, everything is not absolute, and sometimes some light-colored flowers or white flowers, you can also use ink line hook description. Such as the white color on the ink suitable for contour lines, reloading zirconium white, after firing a very elegant flavor, then a blank line patterns in white contrast on a gray line. Visible flowers with a line starting from the decorative effect, the total requirement is to consider the harmonic and contrast line and plane.

Flower petals may be deep within the outer light, light can be outside in the dark, if it is double flower heads, order cusps light from outside to inside the watershed, the watershed of the order cusps have deep from the inside out. Doing so, the water would not be expected to flow B from A flap valve.

Light-colored flowers and white flowers tend to use 241 # white primer, then with water dyed pale watershed law point. But can also be the first sub-dyed pale, and then point the water from the opposite direction dyed white, can receive good results. In addition, light-colored flowers can also be used dyeing methods separate light from darkness, and then sub-watershed law dyed pale and white, the effect is also good. Underglaze wash flowers only with a pen, a long, narrow petals (such as chrysanthemum) can be washed along by deep to shallow, wide big flap (such as peonies, roses) can also be progressive approach to wash down. However, this took on a blank wash technique is not commonly used because it is too cumbersome, and requires highly skilled dyeing techniques in order to obtain better results, it is generally multi-use watershed Law is divided into light and dark.

Flower is vivid floral parts, looks like a person, it should be painted brilliant. Pale spend dark heart, deep packet spend bright heart, this is a general comparison of practices. Multi-black material without dark heart painting, according to the color desired, tea, red, violet or relatively deep complex pigment points; available in bright white heart, bright yellow dots, or painting required since the package, and then bright yellow medicine, all the more bright and sparkling. Pastel flowers sometimes with white dessert, but to try served with yellow or some dark, before being more spiritual.

leaf blade painting shades and shapes regardless of how texture, usually used ink line outlines, because blank lines to make the outline of the pattern of clear, structured, harmonious whole. Especially the butterfly flower leaves, there have thick blank lined, so that leaves more delicate, fresh and full of life, this effect in painting and other decorative arts is difficult reflected. Of course, painting method leaves are diverse, ink line outlines, although it is the main means, but sometimes the color line also plays an important role, for example, all with some light color is pale black lines show strength as a skeleton outline patterns even fancy, and sometimes the ink line and color line combines application performance through a variety of techniques, so that the leaves can produce some unique decorative effect.

From the primary and secondary relationships decorative patterns that flowers and leaves no doubt that the relationship between the primary and the secondary, so the color of the blades may calm some, in addition to appropriate to this type of red autumn leaves outside and yellow hot colors, black and more generally all different shade of green, or green, flavored with other colorants watershed; and when the relationship between the watershed blade shades, do not be too obvious, making it clear that is prostrate change, there are overall sense of harmony.

Coloring methods are mainly leaves the watershed, but for pine, cypress kind of leaves, in the painting of patterns used in the multi-colored dyed method. Such leaves staining, either with a brush, sponge can also be used, the method is to take a small piece of creamy white sponge, shape into a certain shape with your fingers, and then dipped in a pre-tuned feed water, look at what's on the slab contamination, the use of body suction force, can be dyed uniformly deep effect.

branches, including branches of the painting in the vine vine flowers and herbs in flower stems, vines as well as woody vine and herbaceous vines of difference. In underglaze painting, the stem and the vine is appropriate ink line double hook watershed, to show that kind of soft healthy, beautiful texture, vine and its branches should screen as needed, generally broken branches sprig of flowers, you can performance when using the ink line and then hook describe the relationship between watershed shades; and the larger vines and tree trunks, it is best to use the color line drawing (or neat outlines, or a combination of work with writing), and then add some cracked and the structure of the relationship between light and shade dye, and finally cover with a layer of light watershed law pigment water (or gray, or green tea, etc.), so that the hook, cracked, stained be harmonized; if necessary, at the appropriate point moss site. This can not only show the various branches just right features, but also to make the branches of natural and vivid.
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