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Ceramic decal mug cup how to do decal lead and cadmium High

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic decal mugs cup

(1) analyze the causes

grilling low temperature, color bake process is irrational, non-uniform temperature distribution in the furnace.

Improper decals area and type volume ratio.

Pigments used chemical stability  bad.

(2) the measures that can be taken are:

using reasonable decorating process, the use of new decorating kiln. Practice shows that: grilling temperature 780 ~ 850 to reduce the existing level when printing, screen printing decals and lead or cadmium Painted Porcelain is very effective. Overglaze decals can be all kinds of electric or roller hearth furnace, the oven temperature distribution, furnace ventilation good condition, lead or cadmium easy to control. In addition, to maintain proper trolley speed, using the correct installed furnace method, provide good ventilation furnace conditions, these also have some impact on the lead or cadmium. Trolley speed determines the length of the furnace heating products in time; installed furnace method is reasonable or not, relate to products in bulk density and uniformity of the car's heating furnace; furnace ventilation is good or bad, the decision to exclude the extent of the organism and lead, cadmium volatilization was complete or not.

On the basis of the production process on the existing paint, adjust the formula to improve operations, improve the chemical stability of the pigment. You can also use acid, lead-free flux coating to enhance corrosion resistance paint the picture to prevent dissolution of lead and cadmium. Efforts to develop lead-free flux, the elimination of lead poisoning from the paint composition.
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