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Ceramic spoon mugs cup how to design spoon and make it easily deformed?

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ceramic spoon mugs

Spoon for spoon handle deformation mainly sagging, bending and torsion, spoons body twisted, necking, convex bottom, concave bottom, shades. Design should pay attention to the following aspects:

Each part of the shape (1) is a central axis of symmetry tablespoon product requirements from start to finish along the center line 0-0 ', the thickness should be symmetrical and uniform.

(2) the ratio of the length of the body and the handle of a spoon to be reasonable, shown in Figure 2-7. Spoon Body (AB): spoon handle (BC) a 0.45: 0.55 is more appropriate. Such as the handle is too long, it will cause sagging.

(3) the angle of inclination of the bottom and the shank 30. Reasonable, both beautiful and easily deformed.
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