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Ceramic cup production process wholesale ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
wholesale ceramic mugs pugging: from the stone, the mining area take porcelain joseon period and washing, fine water to remove impurities, the precipitation is made after brick shape clay pieces. Then water, remove slag mixed clay pieces qualitative, with the hand rub is kneaded, or stamping with the feet, the air in the mud regiment extruded, and make the mud water evenly.

2, throwing: will throw mud regiment fell in LuLu car wheel center, with the technique of flexion and hoisting drawn out given photo-cell and might look like.

3, printed billet: stamping exterior is according to the billet body curve, will spin cutting air comes to damp-dry billet coated on mould, evenly according to clap billet in vitro wall, then demoulding.

4, the billet: will put in the car LuLu overburden billets of the barrel, turned the dish, with the sword and cutting, in make spin given photo-cell and thickness properly, bright and clean, this is a difficult exterior-interior high requirement of technology process.

5, bask in billet: will processing &forming blanks put on the gallows air is basked in.

6, engraved designs: use bamboo, bone or iron tool in already dry or damp-dry billet body characterizes pattern.

7 and glazing: common round mouth use dip in glair (will billet immersed glaze bowl, along with glaze leveled paternal when immediately offered) or galley glaze (will inject billet inside sloshing glost paste evenly, make up, down, left and right, and then quickly fell glaze of excess glost paste), cut device (relative "a circle is concerned," circle "is" means by throwing method of molding circular vessels, such as bowl, plate, plate, etc. And molding process is relatively complex vessels, such as bottles, honour, pot, cans, says "cut device") or large round optimizations blow glaze (method is to bamboo covered spinning, dip in with the mouth after glazed blow gush, so had repeatedly billet surface may have a uniform thickness of glaze layer).ceramic marble mug

8, kilns: time process about one day and night, temperature around 1300. First build by laying bricks or stones, and spake, and ignition kilns fuel is loose, the pile wood work technical guidance, and see the fire, master hou measuring temperature changes, decided to kiln ceasefire time.

9, coloured glaze color such as: the multicolored, colorful famile-rose etc, it is already burned in the glaze porcelain depict on pattern, colouring, again into red furnace burn carbonado, temperature and low about 700-800 . In addition, kilns in given photo-cell and before the meal foetus painting, such as porcelain, youligong, etc, it is known as youligong, its characteristic is colored glaze, in high temperature will never fade
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