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Mid-autumn Ceramic Mug cup Drinkware how to determine the firebox size and the number

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Mid-autumn Ceramic Mug cup Drinkware

The size and number of the firebox, can be calculated from the theory of heat balance of the furnace, the heat consumed per hour is calculated, and based on the spatial intensity of heat or thermal strength of the grate of the firebox, the calculated total of the firebox and a space firebox grate total area, according to the kiln structure determined the number and size of the firebox. However, to determine the production practice this method is rarely used, and are usually determined based on empirical data.

For example, a down draft kiln 100m3, each with a volume of 10m3 grate area is generally 1.0 ~ 1.5m2, or an area roughly equivalent to the grate kiln bottom area

25 to 35%. Grate ventilation area approximately equal to one third of the total area of the grate. Aspect ratio of the grate is generally 1: 0.6 ~ l: 0.8. For easy operation, the furnace gate length is generally not more than 1.7m, width is generally not more than 1.2m, the grate to the firebox vault height of about 1.1 ~ 1.7m, reducing furnace lower than the oxidation furnace.
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