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Christmas ceramic mug cup Determination of sulfur content in fuels

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Christmas ceramic mug cup

Exists in the forms of sulfur in coal have inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur, sulfur content in coal on the coal and power level, with the chemical effects of sulfur content coal, so how much is one of the important index in the coal quality.

(1) determination method

Two Magnesium Oxide with a sodium carbonate mixture into the specimen, after burning, the release of organic and sulfide is oxidized to SO2, SO2 and Na 2CO3 reaction followed by oxidation of sulfite, sulfate, the reaction is as follows:

S02 + N a 2CO3  Na2SO3+CO2

The Na2S03  Na2S04

MgO can also interact with SO2 to generate sub Magnesium sulfate, followed by oxidation Magnesium sulfate, the reaction:

The MgO+S02  MgS03

The MgS03  MgS04

In order to prevent Na2CO3, in burning when melting and stop air flow, so the accession to the MgO, because MgO has a very high melting point (2852), can maintain a loose state, so that the air and gas penetration.

After burning, the melt soluble in hot water, acid neutralization, sulfate formation by barium chloride precipitation is BaSO4, then, called barium sulfate weight, to convert the sulfur content.

(2) reagent

Ai Shi card mixture in 2 weight portions of MgO and in 1 weight portions of Na2CO3 blending

Methyl red indicator 1% ethanol solution

Barium chloride solution 10%

L:l hydrochloride

Silver nitrate solution 10%

(3) determination procedure

The analysis of LG in sample pretreatment with porcelain crucible 3G Ai Shi card mixture, carefully mixed with fine glass rod, LG Ai Shi Card Kit covers, the crucible in a muffle furnace cold, from low temperature rises to 800 ~ 850  and burning 1.5 ~ 2H, remove the cooling, stirring song the crucible material with a glass rod, as found in a black particles shall continue to burn until no black particles, the hot water will be used in the crucible melt extraction in 250m1 beaker, add water to about 100ml, with a glass rod broken frit, boiling for 10 ~ 16min (as found in a black particles in a beaker experiment, the void). The solution is filtered in a beaker, washing with hot water and precipitated a dozen times. Add 2 drops of methyl red indicator in the leachate, with 1:l hydrochloric acid neutralization to red after the excess lml. Heat boil, barium chloride solution into 10m110% by in the stirring at the same time, continue to boil 10min, in low temperature heat preservation 2h, at room temperature for more than 12h, precipitation with slow dense filter, washed with hot water until no Cl- (nitrate of silver check), will be deposited together with filter paper into a porcelain crucible has constant weight, ashing, muffle furnace at 800 calcination after 1 h, remove the cooling, weighing, and burning 15 ~ 20min, cooling, weighing, until constant weight.

The percent content of sulfur is calculated according to the following formula:

S%= (G2-G1) * 0.1373/G * 100%

Type G2 -- barium sulfate and crucible weight (g);

G1 -- the crucible weight (g);

G -- Analysis of the sample weight (g);

0.1373 -- the barium sulfate is converted into sulfur coefficient.
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