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Daisy-used ceramic mugs products The characteristics of ceramic production process

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Daisy-used ceramic products

One, ceramics mugs wholesale

The production process of ceramic products is starting from the input of raw materials, has been put into the production of ceramic products out of the whole process so far. It is the workers with certain working tools,according to certain methods and procedures, directly or indirectly act on the object of labor, making process with the use of the value of ceramic products. In the process of ceramic production process, such as aceramic blank blank, natural drying process. Also need the help ofnatural forces. In general, the ceramic production process includes three basic stages blank manufacturing, moulding, porcelain sintering.

At the same time, the composition of ceramic production processaccording to the different functions of various stages of production into the production preparation, the basic production processes, auxiliary production process and production process. As the ceramic production process of socialized production, and production process of some other industry comparison, has the following characteristics:

1 ceramic production is a process of continuous low.

By the end of the ceramic raw materials factory put into production, the order after processing, finally become finished products, the whole process is relatively complex, between the processes of continuous low level.

Tunnel kiln is continuous production line, but its speed still can not and forming process of the line combination, need to do save blank, blank loading and loading kiln and a series of firing preparations. Tunnel kiln iscontinuous production line, but its speed still can not and forming process of the line combination, need to do save blank, blank loadingand loading kiln and a series of firing preparations. Technology furnishings porcelain production is the manual workshop color strong,lack of scale and conditions of industrial production. Therefore,technological innovation, realize the continuous production, to improve labor productivity in ceramic industry, has an important role to create greater economic benefits.

Mechanization, automation degree of the 2 ceramic production process is relatively low.

Ceramic industry is the traditional industry of our country, it is labor intensive industry. The long habit of thought, main factors of technology is not the industry, thus ignoring the technical reconstruction of thecountry, coupled with the limited funds, technology and equipment of ceramic industry for a long time in the backward situation, the degree of mechanization and automation is relatively low, the majority of machinery and equipment only level corresponds to the advanced porcelain countryfifty or sixty's, some even in the twenty or thirty's level; process,inspection, packaging and other painting depends on manual operation.

3 ceramic production cycle is longer.

Ceramic production cycle, refers to the raw material input production began, through the process until the product is produced so far, throughall the calendar time. Including the basic operation time, extra time anddead time. A longer period of ceramic production, from mining, raw material processing, molding, calcined to sales, procedures, process is long, but in the ceramic production cycle, the basic operation time real use of proportion is small, usually in about 30% to 40%, the low utilization rate. Therefore, to reduce or eliminate redundant and ineffective in operation time, increase the basic operation time proportion, this is the ceramic enterprises need to solve the problem, need to be guaranteedthe quality of the products in the enterprise, the development of new technology, improve enterprise management level, to shorten the production cycle of ceramic products.

Auxiliary materials 4 ceramics production process such as gypsummodel, saggar, consumption.

Plaster model is an important auxiliary materials used in plastic or slurryforming blank, its low strength, poor heat resistance, short service life, so in the ceramics industry is a large consumption. Due to the utilization of waste gypsum has not been satisfactorily resolved, to affect the factory environment. Sagger is ceramic products as refractory burning materialproducts in the firing process, especially the frequency of use is generally 10 - 15 times, sagger bad quality often cause product deformation, slag, flashing a series of defects. Therefore, how to improve the quality of gypsum mould and the sagger, prolong their service life to solve the problem, and the use of waste gypsum mold and the sagger, is an important topic worthy of careful study of ceramic enterprises.

5 ceramic production needs to consume large amounts of energy.

Ceramic production process, body porcelain, glaze layer glass should beat about 1000 degree under the condition of high temperature, ceramics for daily use and electric ceramic firing more need in 1300 degree above, plus a variety of mechanical and electrical appliances also need to consumeenergy and power. Therefore, need to consume a lot of energy in the process of ceramic production. According to statistics, ceramic industrial production costs, fuel to account for more than 30%, in our country, for the average cost of fuel costs as much as 40%. In the cost of the first.

6 shipping is an important link in the production process of ceramic enterprises.

Ceramic production process using raw material variety, production ofsemi-finished products, finished products and waste material, waste, with a number of large transportation volume. In addition, in the ceramicproduction process, transportation also plays an important weight. Such as: loading, press mud machine mill discharge, paste and transportation of semi-finished products, parts of the molding glazing etc.. This requiresa part of ceramic enterprises in the site selection, space layout, trafficline arrangement and striving for the reasonable, minimize the transportation quantity, on the other hand to mechanization, automation of ceramic enterprises transport operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

7 ceramic production in the process of flue gas, dust, solid waste and industrial waste water pollution is serious.

At present, the use of kiln in China ceramic industry with coal and heavy oil as an energy source, will be discharged a lot of smoke, businesses have to strictly control the dust concentration and the concentration of sulfur dioxide, to meet the national emission standards. Strive to use gaskiln, the reduction of atmospheric pollution. Molding fettling workshopshall be fitted with a vacuum cleaner, avoid dust pollution. Wastewaterdischarge pressing mud machine should try to recovery, repeated use,waste box, waste tiles should also try to recycle crushing, continue to use.

8 ceramic production process of specialization and cooperation level is relatively low.

For a long time, collaboration of ceramic enterprises ask cooperationlevel is not high, big and complete, small and complete "Almighty" factorythan the major, specialization, socialization of ancillary services in terms of the low. Such as ceramic enterprises almost have raw materials,molding, sintering, painting, packing and repair workshop and workshop,which makes the equipment can not be fully utilized, low labor productivity. In the future, we must reform the organizational structure of ceramic enterprises we according to professional collaboration principle,to the rationalization of the organizational structure to potential.

1 consecutive production process.

Mobile products between each process stage, each of the production process, is continuous in time, closely connected, does not occur oroccur rarely interruption. That is the object of labor in the ceramic production process is always in a state of movement, no or very little topause and wait for the phenomenon.

That is the object of labor in the ceramic production process is always in a state of movement, no or very little to pause and wait for thephenomenon.

Maintain and improve continuity of ceramic production process, canshorten the production cycle, reduce WIP, accelerate the turnover ofcapital flow; can make better use of materials, equipment and productionarea, reduce the possible loss of products in the park waiting for the improvement of product quality. Continuous production process of ceramic products, it shows different characteristics in different stages of production. Continuous production process of ceramic products, it shows different characteristics in different stages of production.

Product mud making process is single, mass production, a high degree of mechanization, labor object belongs to flow continuously, but theproduction and transportation operations accounted for a significant proportion, raw material Park, wait for a long time. Molding process stagebelong to small batch production of more varieties of products,specifications, subject of labor is periodic, turns to continuous state.Molding process stage belong to small batch production of more varieties of products, specifications, subject of labor is periodic, turns tocontinuous state. The roasting process is mainly carried out in the furnace, the body into the finished product batch, batch output, in a state of continuous production of periodic.
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