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Disney ceramic mugs cup For example, under glaze color formula

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Disney ceramic mugs cups

(1) Brown formula

Kaolin 250.0g

Silver carbonate 12.5g

Basic bismuth nitrate 2.5G

High purity glycerol 150.0ml

100.0g gold chloride

Sodium hydroxide 200.0g

Note: except the gold chloride, other substances mixed in the water, heated by a funnel drip into the gold chloride solution, filtering, washing, and then SKl3 calcination, calcination with 10% plastic clay, used in wet grinding.

(2) the pink formula

Porcelain mud (proportion 1.70g/cm3) 660g

20G gold chloride

Glycerol 35g

Sodium hydroxide 42g

Note: to porcelain mud plus glycerol and sodium hydroxide, plus gold chloride solution using a funnel, heating, filtering, washing and drying after calcination, SKl3, plus 20% SKl3 of porcelain firing, with wet grinding. The pigment can also be used for color mud.

(3) the purple red formula:

Kaolin 90

Jinshui chloride solution 10

Glucose 20

To make alkaline Na2C03

Water will boil in kaolin, sieving, a small amount of chloride solution, one after another in Jinshui, and with a certain speed stirring, then add sodium carbonate, which is alkaline, adding glucose water solution, all 30min boiling, add to the evaporation of water, filtering, washing and drying.
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