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Daily-use ceramics domestic become way

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Custom ceramic mug with logo took this as a breakthrough, and financial crisis under also contain some chance.

Some daily-use ceramics international well-known brand also bear forced the declared bankrupt and bankruptcy, WangSiLiang said: as the financial crisis intensifies, such as Britain ceramics top brand wei base wood be bank the trusteeship council, Germany ceramics top brands Rosenthal went bankrupt, this also for my set of independent brands, expand the international market share offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Silver phoenix will fully utilize the good opportunity, to dealers introduced preferential policies, expand the independent brand products in the export quantity, accelerate ascension silver phoenix independent brand products in the international market share and market share.
Push the domestic market gate in the past, rarely concerned, rather than do domestic market, China's most competitive enterprises mainly aimed at daily-use ceramics export market, financial crisis, many enterprises began after the outbreak of domestic market, but try water exploit the actual results of not satisfactory.animal ceramic mug

Enterprise develop domestic market a brand-day work, payment collection assurance, capital and marketing channel is domestic enterprises to exploit market facing the most main difficulties. Enterprise exports generally by l/c and settlement. Whereas domestic market financing recovery is relatively difficult. At the same time the enterprise in the domestic market shop goods take a considerable amount of money. For the export-oriented enterprises concerned, China relations intricate, if not a certain foundation and experience, difficulty establishing domestic marketing channel network. In addition, after all the export-oriented enterprises products, production line design and marketing mode and concept is aimed at the international market, and domestic market and international market differences. Domestic consumers for daily-use ceramics consumption concept is not mature, consumption ability and market capacity are limited. The personage inside course of study expresses, develop domestic market, export-oriented enterprises may not overnight, need a gradual process, the enterprise itself should effort, also need some of the government support policies.

During the first half of the asean market export 0.43 billion, or more than 5.44%, kingdom daily-use ceramics emerging market exports is growing rapidly. Among them. Year-on-year growth of 24.61%; For the Middle East market exit 1.28 billion us dollars, accounting for more than 47.65%; 16.15% year-on-year, Export to Africa 0.67 billion us dollars, accounting for more than 8.53% year-on-year, 60.34%.

Under the influence of the financial crisis is the brunt. But the company actively respond, the strengthened enterprise internal management, technical innovation, product innovation and management innovation and marketing strategy innovation etc energetically carry out four new construction. First half, the company realized export 13.5 million us dollars, an increase of 5%, because I am American, European Union and other developed countries upscale market a large proportion. Among the country with the industry came second. Shandong silver phoenix ceramics Co., ltd., Mr. WangSiLiang to the author said.
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