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ceramic matt mug cup ceramic chalk mug messange mug cup

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matt ceramic mugs cup ceramic chalk mug messange mug cup

Two kinds of commonly used "devitrification" and "opaque" to describe the phenomenon of glaze ceramic production technology: the devitrification glaze and glaze. These two kinds of glaze has differences and connections. Opacified Glaze is a loss of penetration glaze, it is lost through the generated by phase separation, the formation mechanism of the opaque phenomenon and water, emulsion blend produced very much alike, so called the opacified glaze. Devitrification glaze is due to the fine crystals suspended in glaze glass devitrification in lead glaze. Obviously, the generation mechanism of these two phenomena are not exactly the same.

Some people think that "devitrification" means the devitrification. Including the nucleation crystallization and liquid separation (Ru Guang). Some people think that should also make gas emulsion including to opaque glaze.
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