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stoneware red mug cup How to do when golden water come white?

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stoneware red mug cup

The causes of:

Jinshui poor quality or improper use may produce white defects. We must first consider the quality of Jinshui. If the quality is no problem, you should consider the following reasons.

(1) far, manifested in the thin or tail part, the white parts easy to erase.

(2) any mixing too much is not suitable solvent in Jinshui.

(3) gold painting too thick and firing too quickly, resulting in the gold film blasting away, "white leakage"

Overcoming method:

First check the quality of Jinshui, namely Jinshui depicted in three pieces of white porcelain, try to burn respectively at 700, 800, 880 three standard temperature, every arrive at a specified temperature, then took a piece were observed, such as no white phenomenon, Jinshui quality no problem.

Baking, heating can not be too fast, prolonging the preheating time below 400, the highest temperature should be appropriate, do not exceed 850, gold time shoulds not be too thick. Jinshui the best dilution by the chloroform, cyclohexanone, xylene, four hydrogen naphthalene, camphor oil as diluent.

Film Jinshui Jiyong camphor oil, chloroform. The ring acetophenone, tetrahydrofuran each half mixed use for the best.
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