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hotal ceramic cup mug which has several Common art glaze?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
hotal ceramic cup mug

Common art glaze crackle glaze, crystalline glaze, glaze, glaze, free flow. Crackle glaze is crack a manufacturing artificially in the surface, in order to improve the artistic effect of the decorative glaze. In China's ancient have "roe lines", "ice crack", "hundredfold crackle" etc.. As in crack light colored glaze coated soot or ink, so that the lines are black, the product more beautiful.

Crystalline glaze is crystal flower art glaze a glaze, crystal flower has the shape of a star, ice, crystal ball, pine needles, lined with glazed, colored bright dazzling, have a style of one's own. Crystalline glaze in production to pay special attention to selecting crystallization agent.

RO and RO2 of low atomic number elements oxides as crystallizing agent, and the glaze crystallization ability is the strongest, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc. But although low boron atoms, liquidity can only strengthen the glazed, but not to the crystalline glaze. Manufacture of large crystal of commonly used ZnO, TiO2, Fe203, ZnO which can form large fan-shaped crystal. The acidic composition of glaze and has high atomic weight of silicon, titanium, phosphorus is the best crystallization agent. Moreover, we should strictly control the firing system, in which the most important is the correct choice of heating rate and cooling crystallization stage 1000  temperature fast firing, the oxidizing flame. The high temperature cooling stage of rapid cooling. Crystalline glaze firing temperature range is very narrow, only 5 ~ 10 , the temperature in the kiln is very uniform. In addition, crystal size and holding time and cooling time are related. Cooling too fast, crystallization is minimal, unglazed appearance; too slow cooling crystallization, is too coarse, glaze surface is rough.

No glaze can make the fluffy or filiform gloss products surface, can make the room light and soft. No glaze use ordinary glaze is obtained by reducing the sintering temperature, and through adjusting the glaze composition and no glaze.

Flow glaze is glaze in the calcination process, because the melting and flowing along the product oriented, the formation of stripes, so as to achieve a certain artistic effect. Can reduce the melting temperature of glaze (reducing the content of A12O3, increase the flux material) and.

In addition, there is phase separation glaze (opalescent glaze), vapor Opacified Glaze etc..
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