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children ceramic mugs cup What is called convection heat transfer

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
children ceramic mugs cup

Simply use the following words to summarize: heat transfer fluid temperature and different relative movement of the phenomenon, known as the convective heat transfer. In daily life and industrial production, often can see the convection heat transfer phenomena. For example, when the bottom of the pot boiling water, near the water expands when it is heated, severe decrease, thus floating upwards, while above the cold severe larger, sank. In this way, the formation of circulating flow, until the whole pot of water to boil. Moreover, the winter in indoor fire, the fire near the hot air rises, cold air is added, thus forming air circulation flow, so that the indoor temperature gradually increased. The characteristics of convective heat transfer is flow. Therefore, only the liquid and gas to the convective heat transfer. Convection heat transfer of liquid, gas and solid surface, is a special case of convection heat transfer in, for the sake of distinction, known as the convective heat transfer. In tunnel kiln, abundant, is the convection heat transfer phenomena. For example, in the high temperature zone, heat transfer between the gas and the product surface hot; in the cooling zone, heat transfer between the surface of the product into the drum of cold air and high temperature kiln; kiln outside the cold air and the kiln wall surface heat transfer and so on, all belong to the scope of convective heat transfer.
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