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OEM Disney ceramic mug cup What is the influence of geometric head in the direction of gas flow?

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OEM Disney ceramic mug cup

Geometric head production, mainly due to the cold air outside the kiln kiln heat than gas severely, the gravity difference, make the kiln heat the gas by a buoyancy, if the kiln top hole, hot gas will be out. Therefore, geometric head so that the direction of gas flow is always upward. Just as water flows downstream, hot gas, fire is always a natural upward mobility, the reason is the effect of geometric head. In the down draft kiln, kiln flame upward to the top to down the line, from top to bottom in flue. In the process of the fall line, geometric head becomes the flow resistance, to the chimney or smoke machine to overcome the geometric head.

In the kiln system, geometric pressure head is inevitable. Geometric head exists, the hot gas layer, increase the temperature difference; this is unfavorable to the burning of the products. Therefore, to take many measures to reduce the influence of the geometric head, for example, in preheating zone of tunnel kiln using a stirring gas curtain kiln head set, flue gas circulating etc
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