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Why have a brilliant future energy-saving ceramic kiln?

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Ceramic industry,ceramic mug with logo is a high energy consumption industry million yuan output value, the consumption of standard coal, our country is as high as 15 tons, tons of porcelain consumption 1.2 tons of standard coal, than similar products on the international high fuel consumption of 1 ~ 2 times.

Thermal ceramics industry is mainly consumed in the firing and two drying process. According to the survey of the British Ceramic Research Association, British ceramic industry heat consumption roughly: firing accounted for 61%, accounting for 25% of drying, heating power and lighting accounted for 8%, accounted for 6%. If the low level of mechanization, poor environmental conditions, is burning and drying these two together accounted for still more, China's ceramic industry is currently belong to this type of.

At present, China's ceramic firing kiln is mainly two kinds: Cases of flame kiln tunnel kiln and intermittent and continuous. During the sintering process, the actual energy products used for firing the proportion of little. In the tunnel kiln, heat absorbing body moisture evaporation and body physical and chemical reaction, only about 2%. If the down draft kiln, this ratio is smaller, the vast majority of heat loss.
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