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gift premium Ceramic mugs cup On the influence of fuel variety of energy-saving

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Fuel variety, combustion, heat difficulty level are different, so the heat utilization rate is also different. In general, the more refined fuel (combustible components of large, high calorific value, less impurity), the combustion efficiency is better, the heat utilization rate is higher, the quality of the products is also more easily ensure.

China ceramic kiln firing, more use of coal and heavy oil as fuel, and difficult to guarantee product quality. The sulfur content in heavy oil and viscosity fluctuation are bigger, influence of kiln firing. The burning of coal combustion more problems, poor conditions, operating experience, the furnace thermal efficiency is low, the product and the environment pollution, and unable to realize the automatic control. Many places of China is now using producer gas fired ceramic products, gradually embarked on the "gas" road. Gas has many advantages, can be summarized as follows:

(1) can burn more fully, almost theoretical air volume can be completely burned.

(2) ash rarely, can open flame bare firing on products, and less environmental pollution.

(3) the operation is convenient, easy to adjust and control the temperature in the kiln and the atmosphere.

(4) easy to mechanization, automation of furnace operation, reduce labor intensity.

(5) for pipeline transportation.

(6) can use inferior fuel (such as coal, oil and so on) to manufacture.

It seems, coal gasification is the route one must take the further development of ceramic kilns, should be seriously explored, promotion.
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