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ceramic valentine mugs cup couple mug double cup What is the low heat accumulation kiln car?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic valentine mugs cup couple mug double cup

As can be seen from the table, the kiln car taking the heat is relatively large, generally about 5%, up to 9.9% high. In fact, the kiln car accumulation in the left burning zone terminal heat, much bigger, about 20 ~ 30%. The heat is extracted using a part, part of the kiln car from the kiln, all is lost. At the same time, heat accumulation kiln car, with in the preheating zone, burning, then lower product heating; in the cooling zone, then lower product cooling. Therefore, both at home and abroad, the design of low heat accumulation kiln car "". The kiln car regardless of sintering process from requirements, or from the save energy point of view, it is very significant.

Low heat accumulation kiln car can be in the form of a variety of storage, "low" level also can not be the same. The general requirement is to ensure good sealing, kiln firing, products under the premise of a normal, minimize the kiln car refractory lined layer weight, and improve the insulation performance, the brick layer thinning and light, thereby reducing the heat accumulation kiln car. This requires the use of refractory material and good heat insulation, heat capacity, high strength to building kiln car. Fushan Industrial Ceramic Factory small section tunnel kiln car, the car a total thickness of brick layer of 250 mm, which was developed by Shandong Zibo Silicate Research Institute of cordierite foam aggregate thermal insulation material 45 mm, compared with ordinary kiln car, each car of heat taken away by 37800000 calories per hour, down to 11570000 cards per hour.
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