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ceramic soup mugs cup How to select and determine the type of kiln?

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ceramic soup mugs cup
And determine the kiln type selection, mainly should be based on product type, the heat source to consider. For example, the production of cylinder, basin, bowl, pot, jar and sanitary ware, porcelain bushing and other products, the product size is large, and very heavy, and therefore should not be used for small section tunnel kiln, unfavorable also use push plate, roller as the vehicle, but should choose large section tunnel kiln, the kiln car is conveying equipment. If the quality requirement of product appearance is not too high, can consider to use open flame burning tunnel kiln bare; if the product appearance quality requirement is very high, for example, coal, heavy oil as the fuel of roasting porcelain for daily use, generally do not use naked burning, although porcelain mostly use open flame burning, but generally the sagger, to avoid dust contamination of the product. With the rapid development of ceramic industry, the old furnace continuous improvement, novel kiln constantly, will provide convenient conditions more for kiln type selection.
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