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cerac heat-transfer printing ceramic mugs Principle of temperature transmitter how lucky?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
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Temperature transmitter is matched with the thermocouple or RTD, temperature or temperature difference signal into a DC signal between 0 - 10 Ma, and these signals are fed to the regulator or display instrument.

All transducers are measured by the part and switching amplifying part, conversion and all the transmitter has the same structure and principle of the amplification part, as long as the replacement of measuring part, will Mei into different types of transmitter -o

Shown as DBw (including: D - electric, B transmission, unit, W, temperature) working principle diagram type temperature transmitter.

Signals from thermocouples or thermal resistance conversion by the input circuit into a DC millivolt signal, and the feedback signal comparison, enter the field effect tube modulation, variable DC signals into AC signal, transported to the AC amplifier to amplify. And then through the transformer B1, is applied to the detector amplifier. Detection of the amplified signal after filtering, becomes the DC output signal of the 0 - 10 ma. While the AC component detection amplifier output by the isolation transformer B2 and a rectifying into DC, as the feedback signal.
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