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OEM ceramic mugs cup What is the differential regulation?

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OEM ceramic mugs cup

Differential regulation is mainly used to overcome the hysteresis is adjustable parameters. This regulation is based on the adjusted parameters trend to signal, plays leading role.

As is shown in the picture, when the parameters are adjusted to changes (i.e. deviation), differential regulator with output signal, change speed and parameters are adjusted more quickly; differential role of regulator is stronger (i.e. differential output signal is greater). And the integral control law in contrast, for the deviation signal with a constant velocity change; more strong differential differential regulator, differential time it longer. Visible, regulating effect can be overcome by using the differential, the dynamic error caused by hysteresis is adjustable parameters, can reduce the fluctuation amplitude is adjustable parameters, thus speeding up the adjustment speed. But the differential regulation can not be used alone, but should be with proportional or integral control combined with the use of.

For example, the kiln temperature tunnel kiln suddenly decreases, in the face of this situation, the master worker at the beginning the burner up, when the temperature rose rapidly, but also the appropriate off smaller, so as to avoid over a given value. Differential regulation is to simulate the workers movement, in a rapid rise in temperature, suitable oil burner off smaller, so as to avoid over a given value, plays a leading role.
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