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2014 New Year ceramic mugs What is called the integral regulation?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
2014 New Year ceramic mugs

A simple proportional control is rarely used, the general can only be used in the occasions of small disturbance. As a simple proportional adjusting deviation. The regulation of residual error, is the adjustable parameter is not fully restored to the given value, it is stable, can't adjust. The difference between the adjusted value with a given value, is called the control deviation.

To change this situation, we must improve the relationship between the regulator output signal with deviation, so as long as there is deviation exists, even if the deviation is extremely small, also can have the output signal is generated; after a period of accumulation, there will be enough output to control the execution mechanism to eliminate the deviation. This regulation is called the integral regulation.

As shown in the figure, suddenly appears the deviation, the output of the regulator will change gradually. Deviation is greater, the output signal of the speed of change is greater; the deviation signal is longer, the output signal is greater. Until the error is zero, the output signal from the regulator did not stop change. Therefore, the integral regulation can efficiently, accurately maintain the controlled parameter in the vicinity of a given value. Therefore, to eliminate the residual error is the biggest advantage of integral control.

In the integral regulator, often with integral time length to illustrate the integral role of the strength. Short integral time, integral action is stronger, change is faster, can put the measured parameters are adjusted in a short time. Integral regulator is that behind it. That is to say, the integral regulation will make the adjustment process of growth, can not take immediate measures.
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