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Merry Christmas ceramic mugs cup What is the proportion of adjustment?

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Merry Christmas ceramic mugs cup

The proportion of the output signal from the regulator and the deviation of its input signal (for example the kiln temperature measurement and the given value difference) proportional to. Proportional control action size (P) in the number of input offset voltage and can be used to regulate output voltage of said. That is:

P is a constant of proportionality, called the proportion, is the reciprocal of regulator magnification. This amplification is adjustable. So, a proportional controller is in fact a gain adjustable amplifier. The proportion of small, magnification is big, the output voltage rises quickly, adjust the volume, prone to instability; proportion big, magnification is small, the output voltage will rise slowly, adjusting speed is slower, but more stable. Therefore, in the use of a proportional controller, select the P size is a very important problem. It directly affects the quality of regulation. If the choice is undeserved, the system will produce oscillations, caused the deterioration of regulation.
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