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2014 New Year Ceramic mugs cup how is the working principle of the electric actuator?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
2014 New Year Ceramic mugs cup

There are five types of electric actuators: straight stroke electric actuator, angle stroke electric actuator, electric control valve, PID electric valve and solenoid valve. The first four belong to type DDZ. Below is a brief introduce straight stroke electric actuator (DKJ) and angle stroke electric actuator (DKZ).

Effect of straight travel and angle stroke electric actuator is the accepted standard DC signal regulator or other instruments sent O a 10 Ma, the actuator thrust into displacement or angle torque, the operation of the switch, valve and so on, complete the automatic adjustment of the task. The two actuator is composed of two parts of servo amplifier and actuator. The structure, working principle and methods for their use are similar, the difference only lies in, an output displacement (thrust), an output angle (Li Ju).

Shown to perform the work principle chart device for electric angle stroke. Servo amplifier is composed of preamplifier, flip flops, silicon controlled rectifier, its effect is the feedback signal input Ma DC signal and compare the position transmitter. Such as the difference between the servo amplifier is zero, there is no output, the actuator is in equilibrium, the output shaft position; if the comparison has the deviation signal, amplified by the amplifier enough power, drive two-phase servo motor, the reducer output shaft rotation, straight to the input signal and the position feedback signal equal to date, then the output is stable in the new location corresponding to the input signal.
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