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ceramic promotional mugs gift cup premium Why silicon carbide brick destroyed in oxidizing atmosphere

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ceramic promotional gift mugs cup premium

Silicon carbide is a kind of high quality refractory materials. It has many advantages, for example, high refractoriness, thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, hardness is 9.5 - 9.75 (Mohs hardness scale). But it will be destroyed in oxidizing atmosphere. This is because when oxygen exists, will begin to decompose carbide at about 1000 , at about 1700  reaction is carried out very quickly, the reaction equation can be expressed as follows:

SiC ten 2O2=SiO2 ten CO2

In addition, such as containing the combustion products too much water vapor, is disadvantageous to the silicon carbide materials. Because of the high temperature, water vapor can also make SiC decomposition, the reaction is as follows:

SiC ten 2H2O=CH4+SiO2
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