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Cermic LOTTO mugs cup drinkware The brick kiln car which has several forms

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Cermic LOTTO mugs cup drinkware

The kiln car lining in general, there are two forms. One is the structure similar to that of kiln walls, the top layer (car MESA) is a refractory brick, it is below the insulating material, or the space, to air heat insulating layer, the bottom layer is a red brick. The structure of the high temperature performance, insulation and other conditions are good, most of tunnel kiln are using this structure. But the cost is high, and the car plane Zhuanfeng in easy to fall into a variety of debris, thermal expansion, easy to squeeze the loose or the lining brick lining damage. Another structure is a mixture of heat-resistant concrete pouring, Portland cement, waste sagger etc.. The kiln car if the surface is no longer the paving brick, the brick joints can be destructive to avoid debris expansion. And convenient manufacture, low cost. But as the mixture of fineness, water amount control not good, built unevenness, kiln after subjected to high temperature, may have burst, causing the accident. Whatever form it takes, is connected with the end of the two car, brick masonry shall clearance 10 - 20 mm, not the two car brick masonry in direct contact, so as to avoid damage, but can only let the metal frame two car contact. In addition, from the rapid firing, improve the heat utilization rate, should as far as possible the use of lightweight materials building kiln car. In the premise of not affecting the heat insulation performance, try to make the kiln car lining partial thinning. So, not only can reduce the weight of the kiln car, and can greatly reduce the accumulated heat loss. At present, many countries are in the development of the so-called "low heat accumulation kiln car"
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