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Ceramic Terms custom porcelain mugs from china manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Solid colors (glazed tiles): monocolor (mostly used to describe a solid color, monochrome tiles and tiles) uniform color minimalistic color
Waist: BORDER, they can call LISTELLO;
Brick steps: STEP TILE
Powder: Double charge or Double loading
Bleed: soluble salt
Tile: porcelain tile
Vitrified glass is
Quintana is a Full body
Powder tiles: double loading tiles
Seepage tile: marble design
Tile: custom porcelain mugs
Tiles: polished tiles;
Cascade Brick: stairs
Waist: border / wall decorative tiles
Polished Polished tile
Glaze tile tile
Antique tiles Rustic tile
Wear-resistant tiles: porcelain tile OR unpolished tile
Blank crack crack on body in green body on the crack.
Crazing in the glaze crack on the glaze layer of fine cracks.
Lack of enamel cut glaze exposed body parts should be part glazed unglazed.
Glaze crawling glaze reduction resulting green body huddled together local unglazed.
Glazed enamel glaze bubble bubble open or closed foam appears.
Glazed wavy corrugated waviness ripple patterns.
Thread protruding excess glaze glazed enamel glaze or in the glaze drip.
Orange glaze, glazed orange peel like orange peel-like, shiny poor.
Sticky glaze sticking glaze glazed products in the pottery kiln mutual bonding or adhesion caused by defects.
Glazed pinhole pinprick holes appear like acupuncture.
Glazed brown eyes pinholes appear needle-like holes in the eye.
Harmonia speck spot stain on the surface of the product.
Bump bump chip knocking product caused by the edge or corner defects.
Occur within the layered sandwich lamination adobe cracks or separation.
Color color difference tint unevenness or the same set of products with the pieces of the color of the positive variance.
Blank front of the product powder body refuse sticky powder crumbs.
Front of the product off the dirty ash contamination adhesion of foreign matter.
Piebald speck color spot the massive front of the product showed different stain.
Smoke smoke smoke staining smoked glaze due to the positive impact of the product showed gray, brown or even all of the glazed part of the loss of light.
Blank foam green body surface blistering of body opening or closed foam processes.
Pock dimple depression pits front of the product presented.
Rongdong pit fusion hole melted fusible material so that the formation of holes in front of the product.
Missing parabolic omission from polishing polishing parts of local products should be no light.
Throwing marks polished trace polished mark appears the polished surface of abrasive products, scratch marks.
Center bending center curvature on the front of the product in the center of convex or concave.
Edge of the bending edge curvature on the front of the product in the center of convex or concave.
Side bend side curvature of products is convex or concave surface.
Wedge wedging taper parallel to the front edge of the length of the product is inconsistent.
Angle deviation angle deviation angle of the product does not meet the design requirements.

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