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Porcelain Getting Started Wholesale ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Tang: Tang refers specifically Wholesale ceramic coffee mugs to a low-temperature glaze firing pottery. Showing glazed yellow, white, green, blue, ocher, brown and other colors, but yellow, white, and green color-based, hence the name. Tang Sheng in Kaiyuan, after reducing the number of Tempo. They have high technology and appreciate the value.

Characteristics of the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain

What is a blue and white?

Blue and white porcelain blue flowers that white, English name: Blue and White. Cobalt is used as a pigment, directly on the tire in the porcelain painting, and then applied a transparent glaze, in a high temperature of 1300 degrees made of porcelain firing.

Modeling features: large and small co-exist. Large device rough, vigorous, compact device coarse Park, and practical.

Large device features: imported cobalt painting, coloring rich and gaudy, decoration layout of the dense, clear hierarchy, prioritize. Decorative patterns with peony, lotus, dragon, phoenix, characters, etc. more.

Small device features: to domestic cobalt painting, coloring dark; decoration layout Lichtung, the chrysanthemum, plum and other more common.

Nobusuke type (small device) blue and white main features are: small device-based; for domestic cobalt blue pigment, composed of high-manganese low iron, partial blue coloration gray, blue relatively light; decoration of the cross pen at the brown, mostly as a low-enamel egg white glaze; in terms of time earlier than the imported cobalt, painted not only painting, to emerge in mid painting, pictures with elegant Lichtung characterized. Decoration themes with plum, chrysanthemum as the main.

Positive type (large devices) blue and white features: the large device-based, bowl, plate, vase, Yu Hu Chun bottles, cups and other pupil; imported cobalt blue colorant material is called "Su- mud Bo Green "or" Su Ma from the blue ", derived from Persian and other places, composed of low-manganese iron, thick bright coloration, the pan-blue black, the picture of the local spots are dark brown crystals, hand touch of a bump sense of injustice; the late Yuan Dynasty common; mostly young white glaze as a low-glaze; decoration layout of dense, structured, a prominent theme, complicated but not chaotic; the main theme of plant lines, peony, lotus flower large leaves often form a large there, full of wealth. Animal pattern in the long, thin neck, thin body, claw or claws, vigorous and effective characteristics of the times is obvious. Yuan blue and white lines in the figure is relatively rare species, and many more maps and historical stories Goldsmith theme. Auxiliary patterns petals and banana leaves to the deformation pattern common, the gap left between adjacent petals, stems and leaves of banana coated with real, not gone. This is very typical of the era of Yuan blue and white features. To regular dense screen
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