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Turkish ceramic Chinese origin ceramic reusable coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Across Europe and Asia,custom 11oz ceramic mug is located in the Black Sea between Turkey and the Mediterranean, is the world's largest ceramics production and consumption of one country, even by the 2009 world financial crisis, did not affect the ceramic industry in the world position.
Back in the "Silk Road" era, Turkey on the use of the Silk Road trade volume from the collections of the Yuan Dynasty blue and white world of their own interpretation of the treasure of Chinese ceramics.

Over the years, Turkey has attracted worldwide attention in the development of ceramic industry, its achievements have also been attracted worldwide attention. However, the 2009 financial crisis, the former relying on sales in Europe as the main structure of the Turkish companies began to look from Europe to the neighboring Eastern countries.

It is reported that Turkey has been dominated by imported low-end tiles, such as the bleed, super white, super black, these products in the local popular a decade. But from the beginning of last year, imports and gradually add new elements, such as Pilates series, stone series, and cast enamel line series. Meanwhile, Turkey's relatively well-known stone, enamel and cast in China to meet just the right series of local tastes. China Glaze imitation Turkey Stone throw more light brown dark brown network and network the two series have basically rolled out at the local, sales this year, significantly higher than in the case last year, a small amount of polished crystal tiles, antique tiles and waist line have begun to enter the local market.

In conclusion, Chinese ceramics business opportunities mainly in the building materials market, raw materials and machinery markets. Turkey's building materials market demand. Turkey is listed as the world's top ten emerging market countries, the construction industry is the country's third largest industry, Turkey's construction industry accounts for approximately 5% of its GDP to 6%, while Turkey will continue in 2012, nearly 15 billion dollar infrastructure projects not completed. Driven by the construction materials market in Turkey will have huge market potential and development.

China color glaze, refractory major attraction. 2010 Turkish Ceramics Federation during the visit, in addition to visiting China, tiles, sanitary ware companies, but also visited several special color glaze, ceramic and refractory machinery and equipment companies, and the products and technology paid tribute concept . The raw material is sufficient to show that China's enterprises have on the attractiveness of Turkey.

Cost-effective Chinese equipment competitive. Although Turkey's equipment and manufacturing capabilities are more advanced, and with the European market has a long, close contact, but the production chain is not perfect, and there is no strong supporting industries, which happens to be the strengths of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, China's equipment have the price advantage, which is Turkey's local equipment and devices in Europe are difficult to surpass.

China and Turkey are the so-called ceramic origin, since ancient times is "I wish you love." In response to this market demand, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Branch of the building materials industry has spread its tentacles into the internal market in Turkey, aimed at gathering information on the local market will be integrated in various forms provided to the domestic building materials enterprises, help them in international market to build a more powerful stage for their own businesses.

Is preparing for the 2012 "European Fine Building & Decoration Fair" ( will be the building materials industry in China and Turkey the most solid platform.
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