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Promotional gifts low consumption trend does not mean giving up

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Can often be ceramic mug in some department store or wholesale to see some promotional gifts, consumers common lighters, ashtrays, key chains, gift too casual too common too simple too bad. And even towels and toothbrushes and the like gifts, and even some gift itself is inferior. According to the survey of consumer interest in these promotional gifts dull resentment from time to time, it is more difficult to promote product sales, will also affect the brand image.

Markdowns now retired, plans to keep up with changes forever. Facts again prove that this is an everlasting truth, especially in the face of ever-changing business especially when the consumer market.

Today, there is no reduction of inflation is increase consumption of real purchasing power of consumers, mental uncertainty on inflation is expected to more directly affect consumer spending, and purchasing behavior. Thus, reducing consumption, defer consumption, even lower level of consumption has become many people's choice. More and more enterprises from the market in the face of the driving force behind these changes, the feel of the original marketing strategies and tools seem to have failed, leaving only one way to lower prices.
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