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Peru glazed wall tiles made of my anti-dumping investigations

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Intend to break through the South American market Zaiyu ceramic mug enterprises in China, "stumbling block." Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced that Peru has for glazed wall tiles from China initiated anti-dumping investigation.

This is the second in Argentina, the Latin American launch of China's ceramic industry for the second anti-dumping investigations.

Reporters learned from the Ministry of Commerce, Peru, the anti-dumping involving about 10 million dollars, dozens of domestic enterprises involved, the specific data are still statistics.

"The domestic ceramic enterprises newly cultivated new markets in South America may be blocked." Foshan, China Ceramic Industrial Association, Office in blue guards told the "Financial Times", this year, the purchase of real estate market after the implementation of the ceramic industry, the domestic market declined significantly .

The international market, India, Thailand, South Korea and the European Union and other countries and the region have implemented anti-dumping on Chinese ceramics, ceramic experience "internal and external attack", the companies will shift marketing focus to South America.

Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Ascot Goff is one of the transfer. Chen Yanbin, chairman of the company told the newspaper that this year's South American market, the average monthly increase of more than 30%, while before the market share of total exports barely exceed 10%.

South America emerged as the Mona Lisa's third largest export market, the company director Zhang Qi Kang said the company's total export market accounted for two to three percent in the first half increase of up to 20%.

"Part of the South American market share of ceramic enterprises the proportion of the total export business and even more than 70%." Investment Advisor in the building materials industry, said researcher Zhang-Li case.

First half of 2011, China's ceramic exports in Latin America reached $ 490 million, up by 39.27%. The construction ceramics exports totaled $ 263 million, up by 44.14%, the first time exported to Latin America than Europe.

One after another anti-dumping investigations, the South American market for ceramic enterprises by hopes of a breakthrough. "According to current indications, Brazil is likely to start anti-dumping on Chinese ceramics." Chen Yanbin worry, the South American market will be completely blocked.

In desperation, ceramic enterprises began to help themselves. "In Argentina, after filing, the company immediately set up the anti-dumping team." Chen Yanbin said to the newspaper, responding to the current material has been prepared almost the same. The next step will be to prepare the respondent Peru's anti-dumping. In addition, the company also plans to increase investment in the second and third tier cities and some coastal rural market development efforts.

"We will use the EU and the advantage of the lowest tariffs in India to further open up markets in both regions." Zhang Qi Kang also said that in the domestic market will be the western regions.

Chen Li pointed out that the ceramic enterprises trying to use a single market diversification to offset the risks of market fluctuations.
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