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Shengfeng Ceramics, Foshan (Sanshui Branch) Complex fire

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Foshan ceramic mug Daily News yesterday morning, 6:18, Shengfeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Foshan (Sanshui Branch) Complex fire, 6:25 Sanshui squadron six fire engines fire, 34 soldiers arrived at the scene put out the fire, then, Foshan City Fire Brigade, Sanshui towns street full time fire brigade sent 16 fire engines rushing to the scene to fight the blaze. 8:20, live fire was extinguished.
The inventory, fire a total of 15 people were killed and one seriously injured, 12 of whom died in the fire, two people jumped to his death, one person died in hospital later. Party Secretary Li Yi-Wei Liu Yuelun requirements, Yang Jianhua, Xianrui Lun, Li Zifu, Song Deping and other city leaders rushed to the scene fighting and rescue work, Sanshui district leaders Lu Li Pai, Liu Donghao and head south-west streets are also the first time arrived at the scene, started fighting and rescue work. Liu Yuelun and other city leaders went to the hospital to visit wounded Sanshui people.

CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang, Provincial Governor Huang Hua Hua attention, made important instructions. Wang Yang instructions: First, we must quickly verified casualties; second, to treat the injured; three follow-up work to do and immediately relevant to the province's security situation investigation, clear risks to ensure that similar situations do not occur. Study of Huang Hua in Hong Kong are the instructions: To fully treat the injured, identify the number of deaths, do remedial work, the province, Foshan, Sanshui District, to a comprehensive inventory of potential hazards and ensure safety.

Vice Governor Liu Kun led the Provincial Public Security Bureau yesterday morning, the provincial safety Authority, the Provincial Public Security Fire Department, Office of the Provincial Emergency comrades rushed to the scene is responsible for disposal, the implementation of Wang Yang, Huang Hua, Comrade important instructions to deploy the implementation of the specific measures. Liukun Jiang stressed: First, to conduct a comprehensive on-site clean-up, leaving no work to ensure that the search; second is to strengthen and contact within the complex, confirming that the person is safe; Third, the injured person's medical condition with the best timely treatment, in particular, to the full implementation of the seriously injured to first aid, and if transferred, immediately apply for victims' families deal with the aftermath; Fourth, immediately set up an accident investigation team, find out the cause of the accident, do remedial work; five do a province-wide is a comprehensive examination to exclude risks to ensure safety.

According to the survey, the fire scene to Shengfeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Foshan (Sanshui Branch) Complex, located north of the company. This building was built in 2002, 2003 and put into use for the 4-layer reinforced concrete structure, single area of 1100 square meters, the burned area of 3250 square meters. After the incident, the company's legal representative Huojin Hong public security organs have been controlled.

At present, Foshan City has established a Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Xian Ruilun leadership as the head of accident investigation team, Sanshui District Liudong Hao also set up to deal with the aftermath of accidents for the head of the leading group. Cause of the accident investigation and remedial work in progress.
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