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The EU intends to use the high tariff barriers against cheap Chinese goods

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Every economic downturn, custom ceramic mugs manufacturers when all trade protectionism. Big bang in China, has become the world catch up with Germany's "export first" big country, trade barriers once again followed. In fact, the Chinese do not like rising surplus, using someone else's whip, beat behind the industry, nor can not, because the first number is not meaningful, quality was more critical

Every economic downturn, when all trade protectionism. Big bang in China, has become the world catch up with Germany's "export first" big country, trade barriers once again followed.

August 11, according to news website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, the EU was prepared by high tariffs on Chinese goods to counter China's cheap goods: from mid-September increased imports from China, wall and floor tiles import tariffs up to 69.7% ; will also China's bicycle and bicycle parts to extend the five-year anti-dumping duties, and taxes increased to 48.5%.

Experts point out that, in addition to industry organizations and by relevant state departments to strive for equal rights, international trade, for some of China's "high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, low-profit" enterprises, but also a change and upgrade opportunities.

Long-term existence of trade barriers

In fact, the EU's trade barriers not only for the Chinese tile manufacturers, the European Commission in June 23, 2010 it was announced that the world's 17 countries toiletries manufacturers impose a fine of 622 million euros, of which only American ideals Standard company was sentenced to 326 million euros fine.

The EU move is not without signs. In November last year the EU announced in the next five years, a new strategic blueprint for global trade, the EU special emphasis on trade competitiveness, the EU countries want to trade for economic growth, address the high unemployment rate.

Data show that 1-June, exports to China and the EU reached 164.48 billion U.S. dollars, up 16.9%. But in the meantime, the EU trade protection measures against China continued. In May, the European Commission opened China's first anti-dumping anti-subsidy case, ruling on Chinese coated paper business a 4% -12% of the countervailing duty and 8% -35.1% of the anti-dumping duties. The end of July, the European Commission issued a notice to decide on the origin of China formally opened the glass fiber fabric, the anti-dumping investigation.

"Europe's high welfare and low employment, high debt and low growth 'two high and two low' symptoms, coupled with continually increasing the sovereign debt crisis, rising unemployment and social unrest, making the EU more and more apparent attitude of trade protection." Kam Macro Value Fund, a Chinese expert on Sino-EU trade tracking, "International Finance," told reporters that the barriers to trade not the solution to these problems, but they are conflict mitigation and transfer of a way.

The source pointed out that the EU's external trade policy paradox is that both the U.S. and other countries want to further open markets, stimulate economic growth in the European Union, wants to set up trade barriers to protect the country through employment.

"The current situation in Europe, this 'three interests' are mutually contradictory. Europe's economic growth and more employment opportunities by China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, driven by rapid development, but due to the existence in Europe and these countries 'industry difference', will inevitably lead to export high-end product to benefit countries such as Germany and France, importing low-end products, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and other countries interests are adversely affected. "Thus, these people think," As China's industrial upgrading China-EU trade friction will be the focus from manufacturing to high-end industries, and this situation will be long. "

Chinese enterprises have to turn adversities into opportunities

"The EU tariff increases, our business is certainly an impact. Many European customer product prices in response to tariff escalation." Shanghai CIMIC [0.00% of the shares it] Building Ceramics Co., Ltd. related to the "International Finance "Reporters said," The current European customs to our tax rate is 32.3%, follow-up may also increase. Other tiles exporters may have to rate high, the impact will be greater. "

It is understood that the European economy by the global financial crisis dealt a serious blow, until now has not fully recovered, the unemployment rate across Europe at around 10%, traditional tile making power in Spain and more than 20% unemployment rate. Nearly 40% of European ceramic tile production line in the cut-or semi-shutdown state.

"EU anti-dumping tiles in our fully expected." Chinese architecture [0.00% of the shares it] Miao Bin, Sanitary Ceramics Association, Secretary-General had said to the media. As the European economic recession, rising unemployment, lower purchasing power of consumers turn to buy the relatively cheap Chinese tile products, "many factors that ultimately led to the Chinese tile sales in Europe rise, not fall, the European ceramic tile industry worse in this case, European tile manufacturers association to defend their own markets, China is bound to bring anti-dumping. "

Miao Bin said that the EU anti-dumping tile ceramic industry will not give China a great impact, because China's ceramic tile exports to Europe account for only 8% of total output. So, in the proportion of total exports is not tile to 10%.

Earlier, South Korea, India, China and other countries also have anti-dumping cases filed tile, ceramic tile, but since China's exports of these countries do not fall. "The reason for this is because the anti-dumping, some rely on cheap and disorderly competition vying for market share companies were eliminated, more healthy and orderly market environment for those regulated businesses and good product development provides a good environment in the long run, but also conducive to the development of the industry's long-term, in line with long-term national interests. "said Miao Bin.

"30 million tons of annual consumption of coal and a large number of water pollution, air pollution will undoubtedly become a Chinese ceramic production of high energy consumption, high pollution industry, which does not conform to China's energy saving, environmental protection industrial policy." Private equity manager Sun Weiqiang to the "International Finance," told reporters that "China is not the blind pursuit of exports and more brands, technology, premium export status must be changed. entrepreneurial ideas to adjust if the export enterprises in China brand, technology, services, and try to do more on domestic trade and construction, perhaps because of trade barriers caused by the decline in exports, part of the business failures and other 'crisis' can become a business to upgrade their 'turn'. "
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