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China faces three major pressure on the export of ceramic, ceramic enterprises are disturbed

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Although most of Foshan wholesale nordic ceramic mugs enterprises started well after the holiday, but many of the Festival a few news allows the ceramic industry on this year expressed concern about the export situation. There are many companies into 2011, sales will increase 30%. Aston Gough ceramic more than 30% predicted to increase, just last week, European media said that the EU intends to impose most of the tiles from China, up to 73% punitive tariffs on a temporary, this high rate of Foshan ceramic enterprises of great large, or will result in 15% of the ceramic enterprises suffered heavy losses, especially the mosaic companies.

Bad news not only that, the volatile Middle East situation also makes ceramic enterprises concern. "The Middle East is the Foshan ceramics second largest export market, which will make for a volatile situation into a number of ceramic enterprises and foreign trade affected the company's export business, and now many companies have not received orders for the Middle East." Chinese Ceramics Industry Association, Director of the Office of Foshan blue guard said, "coupled with the impact of RMB appreciation, Foshan ceramic enterprises this year, the export situation is very serious, is not optimistic."

High tax rates or by a hit into left and right by the ceramic enterprises

In fact, as China's largest exporter of ceramic, anti-dumping issue has been plagued Foshan ceramic enterprises. Just last year, the Foshan ceramics industry suffered from the EU's "biggest ever anti-dumping case." I did not expect a wave of non-stop another, most of the European Commission intends to impose tiles from China, up to 73% punitive tariffs on a temporary implementation of temporary tariffs from March 18, 2011 onwards, 2011 implementation on September 17 during the day.

Although the EU has not issued the final result, but insiders familiar with the situation said the decision is likely to be adopted. "This rate is very high, if the final implemented, Foshan ceramic enterprises of great influence on the export situation." China Ceramic Industry Association Professional Committee of the Secretary-General building and sanitary ceramics yellow core, said that this will lead to increased production costs , coupled with the market environment is not optimistic about the end product prices will be greatly enhanced, will restrict the final product market development, corporate pressure to survive is very great.

Foshan, China Ceramic Industrial Association, Office blue guards told reporters that recent weakness of the association to a number of Foshan ceramic enterprises to conduct the EU anti-dumping investigation, "as the new higher tax rates increase, many businesses are now afraid to ship to Europe, worried about the goods to Europe after the application of the new tax rate, and even some companies hesitate to retreat alone, to reduce the losses. "blue guard said.

It is understood that EU anti-dumping cases involving ceramic enterprises, accounting for Bacheng Foshan enterprises, while the EU market accounted for the international market, Foshan Ceramics 1 / 10, is a very important market. The industry estimated that if implemented will result in 73% of the rate of about 15% of Foshan ceramic enterprises suffered heavy losses.

Blue Guard, said the punitive anti-dumping measures have also broadened the scope than before, "Before Mosaic Company is not affected, and now come these companies are satisfied, while domestic manufacturers have Bacheng mosaic in Foshan, about hundreds, Foshan Mosaic export business will be seriously affected. "

Ceramic enterprises not because of the uncertain situation in the Middle East orders

Increase the impact of punitive tariffs has not been fully digested, the increasingly volatile situation in the Middle East makes the export of Foshan ceramic enterprises "worse."

Reporter was informed that the export of ceramic in Foshan in the territory of the Middle East has become the second largest market, and a considerable number of Foshan ceramic enterprises to the Middle East re-exports to the EU as a "springboard", status is very important. "Last year, China exported about 700 million square meters of ceramic, of which export volume of Foshan accounted Bacheng. And in the export of ceramic in Africa, including Egypt, Libya and other places accounted for two percent of the share. But now the situation in the Middle East turmoil will have more than one into Foshan ceramic enterprises and foreign trade export business of the company affected. "blue guard said.

Ceramics in Foshan, the most important trade exhibition center --- China Ceramic City, personalized tiles of a staff member told reporters, according to convention, held in Foshan Tao Bohui month or so before there will be greater and abroad to contact Foshan light business, and many merchants in the Middle East region, "the Tao Bohui this spring will be held in April, but this time the situation, come to visit or do business in the Middle East and abroad than in previous years reduced." The person in charge of Foshan Ceramics Aston Goff told the local media interviews also revealed that the company in the Middle East market has been affected, fewer sales than in the past.

Blue guard told reporters from the China Ceramic Industry Association, staff of the Office of Foshan ceramic enterprises in recent days to the research situation, the business development of the situation is very concerned about the Middle East, "many companies are afraid to take orders from the Middle East Some enterprises have signed contracts with customers, but because of the current situation of uncertainty, they are, and to discuss changes to the contract clients over there, delayed delivery time, and so the situation is stable then the goods in the past. "blue guard said.

Ceramic enterprises in some concerns about the Middle East exports, while some well-known ceramic enterprises in the Middle East, said the impact on them is not too large. Lu Yi Valentino export department, told reporters that the company although the main export market, but because of the distribution in different markets more balanced situation in the Middle East's turmoil did not significantly affect exports. New Pearl of light weight ceramic Vice President Lee also said that short-term export of ceramic enterprises may be affected by the impact of the situation, but in the long run, the market potential of the Middle East is still very good.

Countryside through the expansion of domestic market share of building materials

Appears in the blue guards, the implementation of the EU punitive tariffs, the Middle East turmoil, coupled with appreciation of the renminbi will continue to make Foshan ceramic enterprises this year's export situation is very serious, is not optimistic. "In the case of the export situation is bad, ceramic enterprises should be accelerated transformation, founding the domestic market, especially the good use of building materials to rural areas of expanding the scope of the current opportunities for urban and rural areas in three or four lines in the search market space."

It is understood that last October, housing construction and other six ministries, the Ministry issued the "promotion of building materials to rural areas to carry out pilot projects on notice" to determine in Shandong and Ningxia provinces to pilot materials to the countryside to promote the cement-based products to the countryside, exploring the Class of concrete measures to promote the building materials to rural areas, methods and mode of operation, opened a prelude to building materials to the countryside. A few days ago the Ministry of Housing and Urban village documents issued by the Secretary said, this year will "expand the scope of the pilot materials to rural areas, and undertake to promote the use of energy-saving building materials, the pilot grants." "Although the ceramic enterprises eligible to obtain the pilot is not much, but building materials to the countryside policies will stimulate the rural market, the demand for ceramic products, which is detrimental to the current export situation of Foshan ceramic enterprises is a good opportunity. "blue guard said.

This view has also been New Pearl Ceramics Group Vice President Lee Chung-kuang recognition. Lee Chung-kwong said that the new pearl of the building materials in the countryside last year's first batch of pilot qualifications, "rural development is now better and better, increasing its market space, we are now appropriate for the rural market and product development channel construction, which will focus on the future development of our markets. "Lee Chung-kwong said.

"In addition, through cooperation with foreign enterprises to avoid anti-dumping is the export of ceramic enterprises cope with the current situation is one trick." Blue guard said. It is understood that in the past year, Foshan KITO Ceramics, Aston Goff ceramics, ceramics and other enterprises Xing-hui met with Mexico, France, the United States and other countries enterprises and foreign enterprises through the sales channels to products sold in the EU, to avoid the the risk of anti-dumping.
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