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Cobalt Blue Glaze chicken pot Tang Dynasty's first appearance in Yangzhou

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
To collectors, custom ceramic printed mugs I wonder if you feel the same way, Connoisseur years have witnessed the greatest desire is to Yangzhou to enjoy to the private collection of weighing equipment, has seen the equivalent, and music indeed! Friends of Tibet gave me two days to a holding Tang Dynasty cobalt blue glaze with the first pot of chicken, a debut, dizzy, this is a predestined only in big museums to observe Tang Need to pot.

The pot (pictured) High 23.5 cm, diameter 6 cm, circumference 49 cm, bottom diameter of 9.5 cm, Handicap, short-necked, Feng shoulder, a round puff, two systems, flat-bottomed. GAO Guan shoulder side of the plastic head slightly bent neck of a chicken's head flow, the other side of the half S-shaped plastic Pan Chi Long pot handle. Huang Shi sauce pot more than half between the green, white, brown glaze, no glaze near the bottom of the plain pottery for the child, there are a number of factors Tao Bao phase between the flame pattern floral pattern ring foot. Under the pot surface with Two decorative pattern embossed leaf-like green glaze decorated with ancient blue glaze eight flowers. Chicken Pan Chi first orifice and decorative dragon relief to men like the yellow circle with a white three-color plants, the rest of the cicadas suck a static, but also decorated four-Shi Di shoulder pot three-color sculptures, the Royal Coffee Pot is a very micro fine grain roe, clams reflected light glaze, the glaze was more than a bubble, because of age-old was a lot of bubbles burst, the formation of fine, "Alice sticks" and "sesame glaze", buried as funerary objects buried with the Millennium, which is a kinds of physical phenomena. National Heritage Training Center, Yangzhou ceramics, Yangzhou Museum Zhu Ji Buddhist concept and found this is an authentic, three-color high-grade pot this is only in Xi'an, Luoyang, Yangzhou city have found that the Tang Dynasty, which is evidence of Yangzhou Tang Dynasty prosperous commercial city of the valuable kind of information.

The pieces of Tang Dynasty high-grade pot of chicken first in its decor and Western, Chinese and foreign cultural exchange, there are two sources from the ornamentation seen, South India and West Asia Persia (now Iran), the former flame pattern and decoration of Buddhist Po-phase pattern is drawn Buddhist art of India, which obviously in shape, the Persian Sassanid dynasty, antique gold and silver craft practices. This pot is also valuable Millennium same glaze, glazed colorful, beautiful, Emmanuel Po gas, the most valuable is pure glazed cobalt blue glaze appears, which is the top grade of the color glazed Tang Dynasty, for Tang light blue and white porcelain specimens, combined with hard texture and color than the white child can be identified as the most famous kilns in Henan Gong Xian Tang Dynasty produced.

Glazed pottery originated in the Han Dynasty Tang Dynasty, but the more they began in the Northern and Southern glaze decoration, craft heritage order, as a 800 -1000  low temperature firing glazed pottery, for containing copper, iron, cobalt, manganese and other metals to burn kiln variety of colors available to its top dignitaries of all ages by the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty burial in vogue, is the funeral of choice glazed Tang Dynasty, unearthed information shows its placement in a prominent place always.

Japan sent to the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty a necessary route to include the Chang'an and Luoyang, Yangzhou, Minnesota, the pieces of Tang Dynasty's first pot of chicken weighing equipment there, reflecting the international city of Yangzhou in the Tang Dynasty the important position of (the country's second largest city, equivalent to the current Shanghai's position), Tang Dynasty is so precious first pot of chicken found in Yangzhou therefore also reasonable.

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