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Butterfly ceramic Caiyi Wen said Washington did not mergers Sentosa Square Ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
"Nabi company just sublet Sentosa Square in Jiangmen rainbow lease three ceramic mug manufacturers tile production line, while St Tao Fang legacy claims, debt and hoarding of products, raw materials, not owned by us all, butterfly ceramics Square ceramic merger Sentosa was wrong. "Recently a lot of media for the spread of the" successful merger Sentosa Butterfly Ceramic Square Ceramic "stories, a few days ago, Foshan City, butterflies in Ceramic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Cai Yiwen Ben Wang accepted an interview to clarify again, "is the acquisition of Nabi Square Sentosa Chaling investment in Hunan Huasheng Ceramic Co., Ltd. Chaling County, the acquisition is not much the company associated with the butterflies."

Sentosa Butterfly Square ceramic is not "new primary" "merger" argument defects

Year of the Rabbit starts at the beginning, with some of the media burst out, "Successful mergers Sentosa Butterfly Ceramic Square Ceramic" message, Nabi ceramic industry, the company immediately became the focus of attention. Cai total time reporter, the reporter part of the media coverage before then some of the details to his confirmation, he was surprised that this message is the first time I heard his and, he believes the facts of media reports related to a relatively large discrepancy . Caiyi Wen said that, in fact, is not the acquisition of Square Sentosa Butterfly company. He said Nabi invested in Hunan Chaling Washington Chaling County, Hunan Province Ceramics Co., Ltd., the company's senior management to understand Sentosa Square sale news, funding the acquisition of the trademarks of Square Sentosa and sublet St. Tao Fang Jiangmen three production lines, and only occupies a small ceramic butterflies as part of equity, it is not the acquisition of Square Sentosa Butterfly ceramics.

He said: "We do not like the rumors of mergers as the San Tao Fang, mergers and acquisitions are two concepts completely, we sublet the San Tao Fang Jiangmen production line, but the legacy of Sentosa Square, claims, debts and accumulation of products and raw materials, not owned by us all, it is not the so-called 'comprehensive merger'. "

He said: "We must clarify the law, Sentosa Sentosa Square has Foshan and Jiangmen Sentosa Square, Square, two independent companies, and Foshan, Sentosa Square is 'Sentosa Square' ownership of the trademark owner, the brand management and product sales; and Jiangmen Sentosa Square is the production base, but also for the Sentosa Square, the collapse of the various debt liabilities arising who is also the owner of the debt, that is, the borrower is Jiangmen Sentosa Square, Square, Foshan, Sentosa and no debt, the two are totally different. We just bought Foshan 'Shengtao Square' the trademark ownership and leasing of the Jiangmen Square Sentosa production line. "

Sentosa Square or dress, "the new Sentosa Corner" will not participate in the operation of Nabi

Caiyi Wen told reporters, with the involvement of Washington ceramics, high-level original Sentosa Square, shareholders now have all quit. Sentosa Square brand will be "New Sentosa Square ceramic" name in the industry who continue to appear in front of Washington ceramics will also set up a special team of independent operation, "the new Sentosa Square" brand, the butterflies will not participate in the company and its operations operation. Cai Yiwen said ceramic Washington Square will continue to strengthen and expand Sentosa. He said: "We Jiangmen in Guangdong and Hunan Chaling have their own production base, the introduction of the new Square Sentosa, will form the Guangdong and Hunan Sentosa Sentosa Square, Square, two major development strategies camps. Moreover, we will a new St Tao Fang brand re-design, re-positioning, full of innovation, but also extend its brand style before. "

Nabi antique brick industry is well-known enterprises, and now has the EU Code, EU ancient two brands, quality, taste known, has long maintained a good reputation and economic benefits, product demand. In addition to Qingyuan in Guangdong, Quang Ninh has a production base, last year, and 600 acres of land in Hunan Chaling building wall and floor tiles factory. Jiangmen Square Sentosa sublease production line, and immediately put into operation as soon as possible after the transformation of maintenance equipment, or will soon ease the supply pressure and meet customer needs.

Chaling County is rich in high quality ceramic raw materials, and transportation around the consumer market has obvious advantages, butterflies in the county last year to establish Washington, Guanghua two ceramic companies, respectively, ceramic raw materials for ceramic production and processing. The total investment is 3 billion construction in two phases. Projects are all completed, it can produce high-end antique porcelain tiles more than 10 million square meters, is expected to reach 600 million yuan in output value. According to Cai total was revealed at the first phase of the project is proceeding smoothly, two production lines in July this year was put into use. By then, the production base of Guangdong and Hunan, a total of eight production lines, enough to meet the new Sentosa Square development capacity needs.

Industrial transfer Sentosa Square "sudden death" the main reason

As a once and Marco Polo, Italian pottery, high wing with the line "of the four antique brick brand" holy Tao Fang, and its "sudden death" caused the industry a sigh, Cai Yiwen this is very frustrating.

He said: "The early Sentosa Square is a great enterprise, in good shape. Failure is not a lot of debt when the debt only 3,000 million, while the stock to reach 20 million or more, in addition to mass storage raw materials. In fact, Sentosa Square incident could have been settled, why die? I think the most important thing is the transfer of industries. In 2007, the transfer of Foshan ceramics industry, Saint Tao Fang transfer process in the industry, he moved several times From Shek Wan to Zhangcha, to the Green Fields, and then four, then to lease someone else's production line in Jiangmen, so frustrating, causing a great deal of internal friction, wear and tear of too much strength, causing a great deal of waste, waste a lot of money, resulting in a capital chain can not keep up. there is not enough money put into production, product development and other sectors, enterprises can only decline. "

He also said Sentosa Square during the latter part of the operation, the internal management is a problem. Antique brick business management more difficult and more complex, the quality of its products are many brands who do will involve storage, inventory, sales, promotion, procurement of raw materials and other issues, if management can not keep up, it is difficult to stay in business .
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