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Difficult to find contemporary art market, bottlenecks ceramic Concert

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Ten years ago, ceramic mug suppliers the national arts and crafts masters Wang Xiliang Jingdezhen works can be sold a few thousand dollars maximum, while in 2006, his price of a hanging plate is 20 million, today's price is 40 million. Jingdezhen porcelain masterpieces in ten years time, a few times to achieve growth, but at the same time, most of the ceramic industry on the contemporary art market evaluation is: a lot of problems, were less disk access, Concert Hard to Find ... ...

Chinese contemporary art pottery market to really develop something that is nearly six years. Among the many people in the industry, the current mode of operation of ceramic art is not conducive to market development. At present, the contemporary art market is dominated by two modes of ceramic components: master workshops trading and agency business. So far, master workshops still dominated trading.

"Masters in their own homes or studios to sell their own work, you can say without embarrassment." Museum curator Han Xiaoying Beijing Longquan celadon said, "and, this pattern is not conducive to market expansion. A master of his art promote capacity is limited, sales are first regional workshop to the locked out. "

Masters workshops dealing with historical reasons. China Light Industry Arts Centre Rao Xiaoqing Ceramic Research Institute Analysis: "ordinary people to save money for retirement, pension artist storage technology. The one hand, they will not easily be his successor skills; the other hand, prefer to do their own broker, control everything in their hands. "

Workshop is the sale of another model other than the sales agent. After 2000, people began in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities operating art pottery, they often follow Jingdezhen, Longquan ceramics and other art is inextricably linked to place of origin, can be obtained directly through the master source. However, there are many ways this agency problem.

In 2002, the Han Xiaoying from Longquan, Zhejiang invested 500 million yuan, was set up in Beijing Longquan celadon Museum of Art, including agents, including Xu Zhaoxing Longquan celadon masters. Han Xiaoying, said: "In between the agents and masters, are not a strict protocol, cooperation is dependent on both exchanges, too many individual factors causing instability of such cooperation." As agents, they have no pricing power, but also can not require the quantity and quality of work. Sales in the field of ceramic, are bound to be promotional. However, the input of agents there is a huge risk. For example, when through the open market after the promotion, if the agents and masters solve the problem, the agent, are almost fatal. Moreover, the agent receiving masters, but also still sell works of your own home. The price, it is easy to differ with the agents. As for the strict agreement signed broker system, in the field of ceramic arts will take time.
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