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Quanzhou Ceramics Creative selling the world can not be separated

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Quanzhou, Fujian Ceramic mug wholesale this year the export volume and price go, selling around the world. 7 Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau told reporters here, from January to November, the council approved test 6081 export ceramics for daily use, the value of 109 million, respectively, up 81.04 percent year on year and 82.02%, of which exports the first time $ 100,000,000 mark, a record high.

"In addition to strong international demand, product upgrades, and fast technical barriers to international trade capacity, Quanzhou, ceramics for daily use also benefited from substantial growth in exports of cultural and creative." Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said the person in charge, this year, Quanzhou Ceramics the "porcelain" for the media, held more than generous cultural and creative activities, "porcelain tea marriage," "porcelain wine marriage," "porcelain painting marriage" and a series of measures to promote the rapid development of the ceramic industry multiple.

At the same time, Quanzhou and Taiwan and Kinmen Ceramics 17 liquor business cooperation, the international ceramic artists to create a base and across the Taiwan Strait (Germany) ceramic base of cultural and creative industries projects are under construction, but also makes Quanzhou, the growing influence of ceramic .

Currently, Quanzhou, Fujian Ceramics exports accounted for 97% of the total, forming a very high artistic cups, plates, bowls, pots, plates, bottles and more varieties of the pattern of selling around the world, exported to the U.S., Japan, Germany and Italy, more than 50 countries and regions.

Bacheng above produced in Quanzhou, export ceramics for daily use "Chinese porcelain" Dehua. Early in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Dehua porcelain to as "white as jade, as thin as paper, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound" and East. In recent years, mainly Quanzhou Dehua porcelain business through the introduction of advanced equipment, developing new products, and actively explore the international market, so far, export ceramics enterprises in Quanzhou 77 by the "quality ceramics for daily use permit" and "lose U.S. household ceramics factory certified "double certification.

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