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Quanzhou ceramics and plumbing industry boom started early usher

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
With the New Year's employees custom ceramic coffee mugs with lid to go home after another back Quanzhou, the majority of key industrial enterprises in the city ahead of roaring up the machine. Yesterday, reporters from the Fujian Jun Shi energy was informed that a number of key industrial enterprises, in order to rush orders, production processes did not relax, seven-day Spring Festival holiday is over, start businesses boom ushered in advance.

Busy recruiting season preparing for expansion plumbing industry

4 pm yesterday, more than Shenluda Management Centre Liang Yi Chan told reporters on the phone, business recruitment team the past two days the major bus station in the Quanzhou area "looking for" workers. "Now there are several special recruitment professionals, ready to move a group of managers, sales." Chan Yi Liang said the increase this year, businesses need more workers, recruitment is a priority.

Ceramic project launched to expand the production capacity plumbing, bathroom plumbing business this year in Quanzhou the main tone. Shenluda Group in the United Kingdom have new ceramic factory production line is busy pouring the cement foundation. Hong Guangming, chairman, told reporters: "July this year the two energy-efficient production lines will be put into operation, a new production line will be equipped with 300 workers." The reporter from the bathroom plumbing Valve Industry Association of Fujian Province was informed that there are 14 this year is expected to Quanzhou Article energy-saving sanitary ceramics production line. "Several leading companies within the industry needs at least 5,000 new employment." Says the association concerned.

Playing the "family card", a number of key enterprises in response to employee needs good ideas. In addition to favorable treatment to employees, a number of key enterprises established before the Spring Festival, "Staff dynamic files", timely and accurate grasp of the flow of the Festival every employee intention to retain the best staff's heart.

Tickets to return home as scheduled, prepare dinner, arrange festive cultural activities, and the distribution of the New Year red packets, so that employees feel the company of truth and personal love, the resulting sense of belonging and happiness. Shenluda Liang Yi Chan told reporters: "Celebrate the eighth day was started that day, each employee can receive red packets distributed by the company, which has become a traditional business for many years."

Professional recruitment company is clearly "to the force." Eighth day in the hometown stadium in preparation for large-scale job fairs organized by Fujian Hua Min Liu Zhihui talent market leader flies particularly busy this Spring. "200 booths were full, more than 10,000 jobs help wanted." According to reports, nine, animal husbandry and sanitary ware, such as plum Umbrella key industrial enterprises have Quanzhou recruiting.

Chinese New Year rush orders for ceramic industry is busy working overtime

"Spring Festival did not go home, get away ah." Huatai Group is located in the Industrial District of the ceramic plate Po workshop, Sister Chan from Sichuan measure one side with a ruler just a block off the assembly line of the ceramic plate, while the smiling, told reporters: " into the plant for three years, has been used in the factory the New Year. "Her role is to control the back-end ceramic plate production line, each ceramic plate drying out, to go through her hands that the ruler.

"Has already begun to work on the fifth day, two days six production lines start." Nam Association for the Advancement of ceramic dealers organized the first month the sixth days of the forum just to inform this year's new product development and so on. The company General Manager's Office Hongzhi Xiong told reporters, as some orders not completed, so there is a production line "preparation" show, and there is no production.

Jinjiang, Nanan, Germany and other places of business responsible for more than those who started early, said that with economic recovery in Europe and America, the current export situation was in short supply, companies started to catch most of the advance orders.
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